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08 Aug 2006
Yesterday's training was postponed for a few hours and several rumours started to flow. Apparently the fires affecting Galicia were the cause of this delay, but later it was speculated that the delay was the product of a huge fight between Caparr??s and Scaloni. At the end the Sevillan coach informed that he postponed the session just because his men were tired, an explanation that didn't satisfy the criteria of the reporters at Abegondo.

A weird situation happened yesterday at Abegondo; the first training session that was planned for the morning (10h00) was postponed to the afternoon (19h30). The reporters in Abegondo were alerted about the presence of some lawyers (including Depor's one) and the speculation started to flow. Apparently Lionel Scaloni isn't happy with the club's behavior with the discarded players and he's pushing in order to enjoy the same opportunities as the rest of the men. It must be remembered that Caparr??s ordered separate sessions for the discarded players. In this way the session was postponed in order to solve the case with Scaloni's lawyers.

But this isn't the only version of this story. Other reports says that Caparr??s postponed the session because he was angry to see that his petitions haven't been fulfilled; more exactly, the Sevillan coach is asking for a quick solution to the discarded players, a problem that's given headaches to him since he has been forced to work with a group of 31 players.

The bizarre thing occurred later in the afternoon.  The training session took place without any problem and later, Caparr??s affirmed that the morning's session was postponed just because his men were 'tired' and he decided to give them some rest in order to have a fresh squad for the Teresa Herrera. His speech didn't convince the reporters and it was speculated that Caparr??s was near to presenting his resignation to Lendoiro. But these were just speculations, the real thing is that the problems inside of Deportivo are now affecting the squad's daily work. Captain Manuel Pablo even said that the team is totally confused about all that has happened during the last hours.

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