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06 Jul 2013
First press conference for coach Fernando Vázquez; the Galician coach left several hints of the first team’s composition for the new season. He said that Kaká is about to return, while Assunção, Rochela and Seoane will probably leave.

Coach Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on the day Deportivo returned to the training pitch; he talked for fifteen minutes with reporters and clarified several issues. He confirmed that Kaká is about to re-join the team, also that Assunção is out of the plans, besides that Rochela and Seoane will hardly stay for the new season. He also assured that the main target is the promotion back to Primera.

The Galician tactician began trying to calm things down after the recent comments regarding the liquidation of the club, “We knew that this stage was going to be difficult and complicated, full of doubts, but I also know that that the liquidation will never happen. It’s impossible to kill this. I don’t think that no one wants this. It would be tough, unbearable. I don’t have any doubt we’ll begin competing in liga and also that we are going to build up a solid team. Despite our situation we are going to make something interesting.”

Later he targeted the comeback to Primera División, though he also said that it won’t be a disappointment if the promotion isn’t clinched on next season, “What do you believe I’m thinking? In staying at Segunda? What would I be transmitting to the team? The idea of staying at Segunda División? No. What I want is to clinch the promotion now, though nothing would happen if we don’t achieve it during the first year, but I will try to do it now. It should be the target, but if we don’t do it now, then it won’t be a failure.”

Vázquez is also expecting to meet a tough competition at Segunda División, “It’s going to be hard and tough, because there are several teams that have been at Primera, which only adds a special value to the competition. From the first place to the fifteenth spot everybody is only thinking of the promotion and besides, this is a league that brings a lot of surprises.”

Once again he reassured his confidence in the players that he could find at the academy, “I’m confident in getting the best from the squad. Later the league puts you in your place, but it won’t be because I am not optimistic. I trust in the daily work and we are going to give everything. I’m confident that some boys from the academy will give the surprise, also that we’re going to have a solid team, one able to score seventy goals and only allow thirty.”

Then ‘El Profesor’ talked of the composition of the new squad, “What we need now are footballers for the left side of the pitch. We are also missing players for the attacking positions. Right now we are missing the goals. There are players that we wanted and that won’t arrive as they already signed for someone else [Dani Mallo & Oscar Díaz], things are like this. It has been hard, but there are many players left. There are a lot of players in the market.”

“But we already have a squad. I already know the 60% of the current team. From midfield to defense it is the same team that competed at Primera División during last season and it did it with dignity, in my opinion these are important and fundamental players. “ He added

The Castrofeito-born tactician also confirmed that Assunção is negotiating his exit from Deportivo as he was the only player from the first team that missed the first day of training, “That’s why he isn’t here. He’s in Brazil trying to arrange his exit. We are trying to end this before starting the pre-season stage.”

One of the surprises of the press conference was when Vázquez announced that Seoane and Rochela will hardly have a chance on the new season, this after been asked for the overbooking at the full-back position, “In the beginning it would be difficult to see them having a spot at the team; I’m talking of the cases with Rochela and Seoane, it would be difficult to see them finding a spot. Kaká is joining, so if he’s arriving then we will have covered the position and the presence of Rochela would be more complicated.”

Asked again by the case with Kaká, the Galician coach expects for his arrival in the coming days, “I’m waiting to see Kaká re-joining the team; it isn’t something new, but it’s probable that on these days he will be here in order to join the team.”

There’s a lot of expectation on the players from Fabril that will make the pre-season stage with the first team, for now only Bicho, Dani Iglesias, Insua and Lemos have been confirmed. About the subject Depor’s trainer said that, “We will have more players from the B squad, but for now I have doubts with some of them.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez confirmed that one of the targets for the striking position is Udinese’s Alexandre Geijo, “Yes. We are interested in him, but it’s complicated as this is a player that several clubs want, he has two offers from Primera División and others from outside Spain. We contacted Geijo. I would love to see him coming, but it is complicated, maybe impossible. I cannot rule out anything, but he has other offers.”



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