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07 Jul 2013
The captain of Deportivo was the first player that addressed the media during the pre-season stage; he was smiling all the time, but also showed his concern and nuisance as the players haven’t been told of when their wages will be paid.

Manuel Pablo was the first player that addressed the media during a press conference on the current pre-season. It was the normal thing as he’s the captain of Deportivo. What was a novelty is that he was looking upset as he’s convinced that, despite the seriousness of the financial problems, things could have been solved before.

“I am not inside the head of the administrator. What happens is that we have spent six months living the same situation: without going forward nor backwards and we haven’t reached any agreement. I believe things will be fixed, but also that a lot of time has passed. Things will be sorted, but it could have been fixed before. That’s what I think. The more lengthen the worst for the players. There’s a lot of uncertainty, not of the club’s viability, because the AFE [Players Association] is there calming us down. Things will be solved, but it should be fixed right now and not waiting to see time passing.” He answered asked about the situation of the players and their unpaid wages.

“We would like to know the deadlines, when we are going to collect our money. We don’t know yet. You don’t know how things will be solved. We know the team will compete at Segunda, but would also like to have more information.” He added.

A journalist asked if the players have presented demands to the AFE regarding their unpaid wages [the deadline was Friday] and the Canarian said that yes, though he said that it won’t affect the club, “We have been talking with the AFE and we are aware that things are stopped. We hoped things would have been sorted before, at least on the previous days, but in the end everybody is defending their interests. Many months have passed and nothing has been sorted, but we hope things will be fixed as soon as possible.”

He continued explaining the position of the players, “The AFE has always told us to present our demands, we did it last year and the year before and nothing happened to the club. Sometimes you end collecting part of the money now and the rest later, for now we are waiting for the agreement with the creditors, because it will give us a larger view of what will happen. I guess the agreement will be ready before July 31, though I am not sure.”

Talking of the coming season at Segunda; the right-back defender admitted that the next days will be tough as the coaching staff is increasing the physical charge, “Yes, it’s necessary to give everything during the pre-season; I always said that the work of the pre-season condition the rest of the year and we need to recharge the batteries in order to face the long season. The weather isn’t helping, but we need to work. Still, this is the pre-season and it is the base. We need to work hard and forget about the heat.”

The veteran player also said that’s unusual for Deportivo to be working with a very low number of players during the training sessions, “Things have changed a lot; there are a lot of teams in the same situation, because the situation is bad everywhere and we need to adapt to the circumstances.”

He’s also convinced that the Riazor is going to be a crucial factor during the upcoming season, “The intention is to make a competitive team in the attempt to reach the promotion, but there are other eight teams targeting the same and also having problems with their squads. We also have something positive, which is the fans at the Riazor and that should be the base if we want to make a solid tournament. The fans are basic.”

Asked about Valerón, the Canarian said that’s weird to not see him at the changing room, “Sure. It’s weird, but neither have I thought too much about it. It’s strange to not have the partner that was there for years, but you must continue working, living the day by day. His first intention is to play in a foreign league; I don’t know how things are right now, but we cannot despite the chance to return to the island [Las Palmas]. Maybe he could be calmer at home, but these are just assumptions.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo confirmed that this is his last year as a Depor’s player, “This is my last year of contract as a player. My intention is to compete against the partners for a spot and then against the other clubs, always with the hope of reaching the goals, just like we did two years ago. Our intention is to compete and give everything; that’s why we are here.”



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