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07 Jul 2013
Eight players of Fabril have been already released, other three are negotiating their continuity at the club, while the other thirteen are expecting to know what will happen with them. Some of these youngsters will play at Segunda with the first team.

Only one week after ending the league tournament and Ernesto Bello is already moving in order to define the Fabril’s team for next season. On this opportunity the expectation is bigger as it’s very well know that coach Fernando Vázquez will promote four or five players to the first team that will compete at Segunda División.

The coach and the club don’t want to reveal information of the players that will be promoted, Vázquez has said that he still thinking about it. So, the only thing for sure is that eight players are leaving: goalkeeper Ricky Alonso, right-backs Iván Garrido and Adriá Gallego, centre-backs Marcos Caridad and Jose Manuel, left-back Ángel Martinez, centre midfielder Álvaro Queijeiro and left winger Víctor Díaz.

None of them are part of the coaches’ plans and are already gone. Centre-midfielder Adrián Martinez, right-back Diego Vela and playmaker Jorge Romay are also ending their contracts, but the club wants them to stay and are negotiating their continuity.

The rest are pending to know what will happen with them, there could be more exits, while the most expected thing is to know who’s going to be promoted in a permanent basis. So far the only solid candidate is centre-back Pablo Insua, Fernando Vázquez said a couple of months ago that he’s already a first team member.

Goalkeeper Marc Martinez has big options of been the second keeper after Dani Mallo, who was in talks with Depor, decided to sign for CD Lugo. Winger Álvaro Lemos will be one of the players that will make the pre-season with the first team, it was one of the few names mentioned by Vázquez during his last press conference, also Juvenil A duo Bicho and Dani Iglesias, though the latter two are too young and will surely stay at Depor B ahead of the new season having the chance of been picked to the first time in some opportunities.

Another thing still to be defined is the name of the players that will be promoted from the Juvenil A squad; taking in mind that the B squad will still competing at Tercera it is expected a new facelift with several promotions from the team majorly composed by U 17-players, also remembering that there’s already one signing: playmaker Jesús Cañizares ´Cañi’, a 21-year-old player coming from CD AS Pontes, who has been training with the first tam in the first sessions.



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