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08 Jul 2013
It was commented before that Aythami Artiles could leave Deportivo, but the centre-back denied to reporters any negotiation and currently he’s only focused in the team. He’s also worried for the financial crisis hitting the club.

Aythami Artiles addressed the media on Saturday and assured that there are no negotiations in order to leave the club. In previous weeks it was said that coach Fernando Vázquez wanted him out of the team, but the defender told to reporters that, for now, he’s only thinking in making a solid season at Depor.

He denied any negotiation with UD Las Palmas regarding a possible return to his former team, “It’s a hope to be able to return there, but right now I am only thinking of fulfilling my two years of contract. No. I haven’t received any offer. It will be silly to talk of offers without knowing first what the club wants to do with me. For the moment I am only thinking of getting on shape.”

“Those are things that happen. Right now we are fifteen players and I don’t think people will leave without seeing someone arriving first. Nobody from the club has told me anything, so right now I am only thinking of the club and about making a solid season.” He added.

Like the case of Manuel Pablo, Aythami is worried for the financial problems at Depor that aren’t allowing the players to collect their wages, “Things must be solved yes or yes. Last year was tough; we spent the major part of the time without collecting the money, and it stays like that. Let’s hope things will be fixed soon, for everybody’s good. It will be noticed if the players don’t get their money. “

“Last season we made a great effort in the final stretch and were close to reach the salvation.  What we want is to see them fixing the things, but it must do now. It’s important, because the players arriving can’t come while the others have spent a year here without collecting their money. There are many opinions at the team; I just can tell you that things must be fixed as soon as possible, so later we can focus in making a solid and competitive squad.” He added.

About the goal for the new Segunda season, the centre-back was talking of targeting the promotion back to Primera, “Clearly the goal should be to return to Primera, perhaps right now we see things a little dark, because we don’t know what could happen regarding the players that will come. Still, I’m convinced that we are going to make a competitive team, with the goal of reaching the promotion, either directly or through the playoffs.”

He didn’t want to compare this season to what happened two years ago, “We had a great team then and we spent the full year at the top. Still it was difficult to get the promotion. This year things are going to be more equal. It has been told that this year the Segunda tournament will be the toughest one in the history. Of the twenty-two clubs in the competition fifteen want to get the promotion. It’s going to be complicated.”

The Canarian defender remembered that Xérez CD lived a similar thing some years ago when they won the Segunda championship only having a small number of players weeks before the kick-off in liga, “The year we got the promotion with Xérez things were very similar; we only had fifteen players and ended at the first place. The secret is that we were isolated from what was going on in the outside. There was a union between the players and the coach.”

Finally, Aythami was praising the fans for their patience and support, “I’m still surprised by the fans, every year I come back here I am surprised. It’s incredible. I just can tell them that this year we are going to fight for the promotion. Let’s hope things are going to work on this year. But clearly we are going to have a strong support, just like last season or the previous year. We can only say thank you.”



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