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14 Jul 2013
Deportivo ended the first part of the pre-season with an intense week of trainings; coach Fernando Vázquez scheduled long and exhausting sessions, but having the constraint of a small and unbalanced squad. No big injuries so far.

On Saturday, Deportivo ended the first stage of the pre-season which consisted in the first week of trainings held at Abegondo. Totally the Galician squad completed nine trainings sessions and there were three characteristics on this stage: the intensity of the sessions, the combined work ordered by the coach and the low number of players at the squad.

The intensity was so high that, by Tuesday, one day after beginning to train, centre-back Stefan Deák was already exhausted and had to be rested. All the sessions lasted at least one and a half hour and Tuesday’s training even lasted three hours. The physical demand was so high that players like Juan Dominguez even described it as tougher than the three sessions per day scheduled by Caparrós six years ago.

Luckily there are no big injury concerns, centre-back David Rochela (foot) and right-back Manuel Pablo (hamstring) are the only players dragging physical problems, reason why they skipped Saturday’s training, but the duo should be back on Monday.

The combined work ordered by coach Fernando Vázquez is another thing that has called the attention during the week. The squad has done three things during the trainings: physical tests to measure the condition of every player at the squad, exhausting physical routines in order have a team on shape plus tactical work. It’s something similar to what José Luis Oltra did in the past two seasons, but this time the intensity was harder.

Playmaker Juan Carlos and right-back Laure were the players that proved to be the more in shape players at the team, at least according to the resilience tests, which are good news taking in mind that the Madrilenian full back missed the last five months of the past Primera season due to a groin problem.

The squad on Monday before the resilience tests

Rochela testing his velocity on Monday

Fernando Vázquez talking of tactics during Wednesday’s session

Kaká joined the trainings on Wednesday, Stefan Deák is with him

Assunçăo was the last player that joined the trainings (Thursday)

Cańi is the only Fabril’s player that trained with the team during the week. Juan Carlos, returning from his loan spell, is behind him
It can’t be said that Fernando Vázquez has made a full tactic preparation during this week, mainly as he had a low number of players during the sessions. Fifteen men begun to work and the number was increased to seventeen as centre-back Kaká joining the trainings on Wednesday and centre midfielder Paulo Assunçăo did it on Thursday.

The main problem is that the squad is unbalanced, mainly as fourteen of the men were goalkeepers of defensive players. Only three of them are men that perform in offensive tasks(Bruno Gama, Cańi and Juan Carlos), which caused big problems at the moment of the tactical work. The solution was to replace some of the defensive players, like the case of centre-back Aythami Artiles, who performed as a central attacker in some opportunities –he was a central attacker when he was at the youth teams of UD Las Palmas-



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