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14 Jul 2013
Diego Seoane addressed the media on Saturday; the side defender confessed that he was surprised to hear that Fernando Vázquez isn’t counting in him for the new season. He also assured that he can play at the left.

Left-back defender Diego Seoane spent the first five months of 2013 loaned at Córdoba CF; he was content with his adventure there, though he didn’t play too much.  But he was surprised after been informed that coach Fernando Vázquez isn’t counting with him.

“I was surprised as it was the first day, he didn’t even see me training, but I’m working like one more player. There was a private conversation with the coach and the true is that it was positive. If he said that it was going to be difficult for me to stay without completing the first training, then I don’t know what I can do. Someone called me at noon and told me what the coach had told. I can only work in the same way and will try to earn a spot.” He said regarding the issue during a press conference after Saturday’s training.

Later the Galician player said that he can perform at the left side of the defense, as he did at Fabril, but that he prefers the right flank, “How many chances did I had playing at the right? One, two, a half? What’s true is that I had more chances performing at the left. I am a right-back defender and if the coach decided to use me at the left, then there’s no problem, but I’m a right-back, just like Laure and Manuel Pablo [he laughed]. Yes, there are a lot of side defenders on here despite we only have a few players during the trainings. But what can I do?  I’ve a contract and must give my best effort.”

Seoane also said that he won’t have any problem if he has to go out loaned again, this after sealing a three-year renewal in past months, “In case of not winning a spot nothing will happen; I already spent six months loaned and I did a great job. I don’t have a problem with that. The best was to go out loaned, because I was never picked no matter if was doing a great work in the trainings. I don’t know why.”

He also denied that the signing of the new contract was involved in his loan spell, this after it was commented that Lendoiro was “punishing” him for not signing the renewal before, "There was no coincidence. It was something already decided. I had to go out for six months, because I wanted to play. I wanted to play as any other player wants, and I needed to go out for that.”

The ex-Fabril was also admitting that the first week of trainings has been pretty tough, “The true is that the intensity has been high. We are tired for been running and we don’t like it, but it’s good to us in order to start the season at the top. Personally, I don’t see any problem and am ready like the rest.”

He was also asked about the controversy with the players’ wages, and he said that, “I’m worried like the rest of players, but I’m confident that things are going to be fixed. We understand there’s a deadline at the end of July and are waiting for novelties. We are calmed as the deadline is approaching, so the solutions are about to arrive. I don’t think of the relegation for the unpaid wages”

“The captains are managing the issue and will take care of the situation. If the president says that there’s money then it is for something, I don’t know if he’s the one having it, but for the moment we don’t have it [he laughed]” The player added.

Finally, Seoane prefers to see the final composition of the team before talking of goals for the season, II cannot talk of goals for the new season, because we only have fourteen players. I need to see the players that will come before talking of goals. We have fourteen players and eight are defenders; who is going to score? Nobody can talk of goals only having fourteen players.”



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