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15 Jul 2013
Deportivo’s second stage on the pre-season begins today as the first team travels to Monforte de Lemos. The team will be training at the A Pingüela field and will play the first four friendly matches. The Fabril’s players join the stage.

The second stage of Depor’s pre-season begins today; as the club usually does the second part of the pre-season is a period in which the first team travels outside of A Coruña in order to relax, train and play the first friendly games.

On this opportunity the stage will take place in the town of Monforte de Lemos located in the province of Lugo, 157 Km away from A Coruña (a two-hour trip). The headquarters of the pre-season stage will be Hotel Oca Golf Balneario de Augas Santas, a 4-star hotel located outside the city that was chosen among other things because it offers services of hydrotherapy, relaxation and massage sessions with healing mineral waters.

The training sessions will take place at the A Pinguela stadium. There will be a training session on Monday’s morning that will take place at Abegondo, after it the squad will travel to Monforte and will train in the afternoon. The stage will last until next Thursday (July 25). There will be ten training sessions in the first week in Lemos, with double sessions each day, except the days in which there are friendly matches.

Other important news is that the ten Fabril’s players picked by coach Fernando Vázquez are going to join Cañi starting on the Monday’s training at Abegondo. In this way the number of players training with Deportivo will raise from 17 to 27.

It’s a crucial stage for the Fabril’s players as Vázquez will decide who of them will join the first team on a permanent basis. Also, it was expected that some of the current players, like Aranzubia and Ze Castro, could leave the team before beginning this stage, but it the end nobody has left the club and they will have to continue taking part of the trainings.

The idea of the club is that at least 16 of these 27 players will be part of the final team for the Segunda season. The remaining gaps will be covered with the signings. The new arrivals remain undefined and, due to the current financial crisis, they could arrive until the last days of the transfer window.

So, it’s possible that Fernando Vázquez could face the first games in liga only with the players that will take part of this stage. This phase of the pre-season will also see the team completing the first four friendly matches, three of these games are taking place at the A Pinguela stadium. The four rivals are from lower leagues, the hardest one is CD Ourense from Segunda B.

Picked players for the stage (27): Aranzubia, Lux, David Gómez (goalkeepers); Manuel Pablo, Laure, Seoane, Ze Castro, Aythami, Kaká, Rochela, Uxío, Insua, Deak, Ayoze (defenders); Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Assunção, Sidibé, Juan Carlos, Romay, Bruno Gama, Cañi, Lemos, Teles, Bicho (midfielders); Luis & Dani Iglesias (strikers)

Friendly games for the stage:
July 17: Vs. Club Lemos (A Pinguela, 20h00 CET)
July 20: Vs. RC Vilalbés (A Magdalena, 19h00 CET)
July 22: Vs. UD Barbadás (A Pinguela, 20h00 CET)
July 25: Vs. CD Ourense (A Pinguela 19h00 CET)



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