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15 Jul 2013
Crucial stage in Monforte for Juan Carlos; the playmaker wants to convince coach Fernando Vázquez in order to reach the first team on a permanent basis. The player believes he must earn a spot as his position is going to be reinforced.

Juan Carlos Real is trying to make history at Deportivo; he’s the only survivor from the first Alevín team that inaugurated Abegondo back in 2003, ten years later he can land at the first team, but first he must convince coach Fernando Vázquez. On the season 2011/12 he debuted at Segunda with Oltra, but he did it as a Fabril’s player and in the last matchday of the season, with the promotion to Primera already secured.

The playmaker is convinced that the club is going to make signings that will reinforce his position, so he’s aware that the competition is going to be strong, as he told during a press conference on Saturday, “For me it’s clear that the club is going to make a competitive squad, we’ll have several players for each position, but for now I’m tranquil. We don’t have enough players now, but am sure that we will have enough by the end of August. I must focus in myself, to work hard and train at the top.”

“The situation of the club isn’t easy, but I’m convinced we are going to have a solid team in the end. We aren’t the only side that hasn’t completed signings at this moment. My hope has always been to reach the first team. I want to demonstrate that I’m a capable player in order to be here. I don’t know the players they will sign; I just work hard in order to stay here. I must demonstrate my qualities, because no one is going to give me anything for free.” He added.

The 22-year-old player told to reporters that he already talked with the coach, though nothing is decided regarding his presence at the team for the new season, “We have briefly talked of what happened last year, it was a short conversation, but nothing beyond that. I guess that now the coach will have deeper thoughts and we still here.”

Later, he insisted that nothing is decided regarding going out loaned for a second straight year, “The club is the side that decides what’s the best thing for them and for me, those are decisions that should be made, last year I went out and in this opportunity I want to demonstrate that I have a spot here. “

Last year, the A Coruña-born playmaker started playing for Depor B after his departure on loan collapsed at the last day of the summer window, and later was loaned to SD Huesca in the winter window. He already forgot this strange year, “It was a little weird, but I already forgot the incident. I can only see things in the present, trying to convince the coach in order to have a chance. The past is in the past.”

Finally, Juan Carlos was remembering that this was a tough week for the players, “The pre-season is in order to be on shape, it has been demanding, but this is the time to squeeze and demonstrate that you are fine. It’s a key point for the rest of the season. The true is that this first week has been hard, but the pre-season is for this: long and intensive sessions. You need to be prepared for the rest of the year. It’s the time for the suffering.”



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