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10 Aug 2006
After four years in the club, Roberto Acu?a still wondering why his contribution to the Galician team has became so small: only 917 minutes in 45 official games. Deportivo paid 11 million for him, an amount that will be very difficult to get back. The Paraguayan midfielder talked with La Voz about his situation.

Q: It seems that each year your situation is more complicated
A: The truth is this: since I came here, I have only enjoyed of a couple of opportunities. But my work has been the same as the other players. I believe that the coach can't deny that.

Q: You still have one year in your contract, what's the solution?
A: I only think of one: to obtain my freedom. I don't have any offer and the club hasn't informed me about any proposal. So, the better thing is to let me go home and take care of my family. The other thing will be if all the players start to work with the same conditions, although I'm convinced that the best thing is to go out and let the club save on my salary.

Q: Aren't you ashamed to see the picture: fans thinking that you are a veteran costing 11 million?
A: That isn't my fault. Sometimes I wonder why they signed me. But I insist: I have worked each day. somebody else should explain this case, not me. What do you want me to do? to give back to Depor the money that Zaragoza received for me?

Q: But you have to understand that the coach chooses his players, but unfortunately, you aren't part of his plans.
A: That's correct, but in that case, they should help me to find an exit. I understand your point, but what I don't get is to hear the coach saying that Acu?a is one of the best men in the training sessions, and that later he discards me. That's something I don't understand. I am only here in order to work, I do it and the only thing I want, is to be respected once again.

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