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16 Jul 2013
Right winger Bruno Gama said on Monday that there are no offers for him and also explained that he won’t have any problem in staying for the Segunda season. He’s also waiting for arrivals before talking of Depor’s goals for the season.

Deportivo will try to keep Bruno Gama ahead of the Segunda season, it’s something already stated by president Lendoiro. On Monday the Portuguese winger offered a press conference and said that there are no offers from him and that he would love to stay, though he cannot rule a possible exit in case an offer arrives.

“I don’t know about that [asked if he would leave]. If there’s something good for both, the club and me, then we will study it, but for now there’s nothing. I will stay here. I’m content here and cannot advance anything, because there’s nothing.” He stated.

The right winger was asked about the possible interest of Sevilla CF, “There’s nothing. I cannot talk of anything because there’s nothing. I am here and have a contract with Deportivo. I like Deportivo and the city, the people and everything else, so I’m content.”

“I have a contract and I am not the one that decides. Surely I want to have a solid team that will fight for the promotion, surely they will bring players that will help us, surely we’ll be a strong team in order to fight for the goal.” He added.

Neither he wanted to talk of Depor’s goals for the new season, this since he wants to see first the possible signings of the club, “Right now it’s complicated. In our mind we want to do it, we’re eager to fight for promotion, but it’s complicated as we have a small group at the trainings. We’re missing players and will see what happens later.”

With the exit of players like Valerón and Riki the club is now searching for references, but Bruno doesn’t see himself as a leader at the team, “[he laughs] I don’t think of that. I don’t see myself in that way. I am only one more player, surely important players have left us and it’s complicated to replace them.”

He also stated that it will be weird to watch Valerón at the other side of the pitch for the first matchday, “It’s weird to go to the changing room and not see him there. Surely it’s more complicated for the players that have spent more time here. Surely it will be weird to reach the first game in liga and watch him at the other side of the pitch.”

The Portuguese man is also hoping that the financial problems affecting the club could be solved in the short term, “Surely it affects. My partners have talked about it and it’s also my opinion. I want to see things fixed as soon as possible. We thought things were going to be sorted before, but it wasn’t like that. For the good of Depor the best thing is to fix things as soon as possible.”

Finally, Bruno Gama talked of the work done during the trainings, “We have worked hard; right now the group is trying to focus in what matters, which is to train and be prepared for the new season. The Fabril’s players have joined us in order to work, so we hope thing will work out.”



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