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17 Jul 2013
Fernando Vázquez offered a press conference and said that he isn’t worried for the lack of signings. He also said that the club is close to get the proper reinforcements, while he left an open door to see Seoane staying.

On Monday, coach Fernando Vázquez talked to reporters for ten minutes. He was calm despite the club hasn’t closed the exits and neither any new signings before kicking off the stage in Monforte, especially without securing the arrival of the strikers; the coach is hopeful as he thinks Deportivo are close to secure the first arrivals.

The Galician coach admitted that Deportivo have failed to secure the arrival of some reinforcements that were in the agenda of the club, “We are having some problems with the planning, because it seems that, some footballers that could have arrived before, in the end decided not to come, but well the world won’t end for one player. We are working well and approaching to sign someone.”

In any case this inconvenient isn’t affecting his plans for the stage in Monforte, “It isn’t affecting my plans. In the case of the striker I’ll be working with Luis and Dani Iglesias. It won’t affect my plans, because I will work the same way. I’m preparing the first game, later we’ll see when the signings will come. I cannot stop. I cannot say that we are going to wait as I don’t have players, no. We’ll keep working, because I can do two teams for Wednesday’s game.”

Later, Vázquez assured that he’s confident as Deportivo will end making the signings, “I cannot tell you that I’m worried, because I know they will come. I know the signings will come. That I would love to have them one week before? It’s also true, but I am not tense and neither nervous. I know we’ll do it. We’ve lost some options, then we must keep looking and new options arrive. In some cases it’s even better than the previous options. We have several options. I’ve the feeling that we are close to something.”

Regarding the protests of the players in recent days, the Galician tactician said that he’s calmed as the players are normally training, “I am very content, the players are giving everything and working at the top. They’re giving everything. Things are peaceful and there’s no tension, but it’s also true that the players don’t like to be without being paid. I hope things will improve, because things can only improve from now own. The players are more calmed after the meeting with the president. They believe in him.”

He’s also calmed with the cases of Ze Castro, Assunção & Aranzubia, players that should have left the club by now, but that haven’t cancelled their contracts, “The players are giving everything, evidently some players might be leaving and they could be reserving something, but Aranzubia is a great professional, Ze Castro is a great kid and Assunção too. In any case I don’t perceive any complicate situation.”

About the stage in Monforte de Lemos, the comment was, “It offers us everything, the installations, a good pitch, a pool, a good gym, a sensational hotel with a golf course. There are no limitations and we only hope the heat will not affect us.”

Later Depor’s coach left an open window to see Seoane staying, though it isn’t the same case of Rochela, “Sincerely, Seoane wants to play, but Seoane still has the chance to get a spot, why not? Because we don’t have a left-back and he could end playing there. With Rochela the situation is more complicated, this for the number of players that we have for the position, so the situation is complicated for him.”

He also explained what the fans should expect from the friendly games, “For me it’s just one more training, we train in the morning and later play in the afternoon. It’s like a training session when we play 45 minutes after the physical work. I’ll test tactical issues and it will be interesting. All the players will have minutes.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez talked of Valerón, who on Tuesday was presented at UD Las Palmas, “What can I say of Valerón? He decided to stay home and it’s perfect to me. It was his decision. For me Valerón is always right. At one side I’m happy as Valerón is at home, in the other I’m missing Valerón, evidently, not only me, but the club and the Deportivismo. He’s already home and I hope things will be fine to him. We play the first game and it will be weird, but it will be weirdest for him.”



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