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17 Jul 2013
Juan Carlos Valerón has signed for Segunda club UD Las Palmas; he returns to the Canary Islands after sixteen years and will now face Depor in the first matchday having the same goal of the promotion.

Back in June Juan Carlos Valerón left Deportivo arguing he was too tired and exhausted after the recent suffering lived at the Galician club. "I made the decision some weeks ago, sadly we couldn't clinch the goal. With all my love I want to thank you all for everything I lived here. This is not a retirement; just that my stage at Depor has ended. I spent too many years here and I'm tired. I'm at the limit" He said in a press conference the same day Depor suffered the relegation to Segunda.

At the beginning it was commented he was going to study offers from Qatar and if not he was going to retire, but since two weeks ago things changed and the player begin to approach to his former club, UD Las Palmas, president Miguel Ángel Ramirez was able to convince him in order to sign a one-year contract that could be extend for an additional year. In the end El Flaco will end having the same pressure he was going to face with Deportivo.

Ironically, UD Las Palmas will face Deportivo in the first matchday of the Segunda season. The Canarians played the promotion playoffs on the last Segunda campaign and now it’s expected that they are going to be one of the stronger candidates for the promotions spots, so they and Valerón and are one of the direct rivals of Deportivo.

Valerón during his presentation at UD Las Palmas

Valerón was presented on Tuesday at the Estadio de Gran Canaria, he explained to reporters how he ended there, ”My cycle in A Coruña was over, the true is that the circumstances pulled me here. When I ended my stage in A Coruña there were several options. I wanted to keep playing and also to be at home and the solution was the UD. My future was linked to Deportivo for many years, but incredibly many things happened to allow my return. I was scared to know if people wanted me here. We had an approach after landing from A Coruña and I couldn’t say no after the last meeting.”

The president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Ángel Ramirez, told to reporters that Deportivo insisted until the last minute in order to see El Flaco staying in A Coruña, ”Deportivo were calling him every day in order to convince him, but in the end the player preferred to stay home.”

Valerón already played with UD Las Palmas at Segunda División, he made 27 appearances on the season 1996/97, then he performed for RCD Mallorca and Atlético Madrid until landing at Deportivo during the season 2000/01.  At Depor he became an icon and the fourth player with more liga meetings performing for Los Blanquiazules.

The opening matchday at Segunda won’t be the first time he faces Deportivo, actually he has faced Depor in four opportunities playing for RCD Mallorca and Atlético Madrid. The last time was on April 8, 2000 as Atlético lost 1-4 in their liga visit to the Riazor. Manuel Pablo is the only survivor from the Depor’s team that played that game and he could be in the squad that will face Valerón in August.



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