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19 Jul 2013
Wednesday’s friendly game opens a debate about the position in which Juan Dominguez should play; he’s used to perform as a centre midfielder at the first team, but he can also perform as a playmaker as he did at the youth teams.

Juan Dominguez scored a hat-trick in the friendly game against Club Lemos, beyond the fact that it was the first time he scores three goals in one single match, the point is that the Galician midfielder performed as a playmaker, a position that isn’t new to him as he already played there at the youth teams, including Deportivo B.

For the season 2013/14 coach Fernando Vázquez is looking for a replacement to Valerón, and “Juando” is one of the names in the agenda. At the first team, the major part of the time, he has been used as a centre midfielder, sometimes he performed as a playmaker, but it was only for punctual matches.

Now Fernando Vázquez has to decide the most convenient thing for his tactics, this taking in mind the players at the squad that can also fulfill the role: Paulo Teles, Juan Carlos Real and Jorge Romay. The decision should be made according to the other friendly matches that will be disputed during the pre-season.

On Thursday, Dominguez talked to reporters and said that nothing is decided regarding the position where he’s going to play, “It depends now on the coach, for now we are testing things in the games and during the trainings. We must wait and see what system will be the chosen one, because I can play as a playmaker or as an offensive midfielder. I guess the coach will tell us in which position does he wants to see us playing.”

During the press conference he also talked of other issues, starting with the hamstring injury sustained in the first half, “In yesterday’s game, as the time was passing, I was feeling issues on the hamstring muscle of my right leg, when the first half ended I told the doctors that I was having the issue, so I’m under treatment and let’s see how it evolves. I guess it isn’t something serious.”

The former Fabril didn’t give importance to the big score achieved against Lemos, “In the end it was only a training session; we cannot stop thinking of the result, though it’s positive for your confidence. It’s useful to realize about the errors and fix them ahead of the normal season. “ Neither to the hat-trick that he scored, “As a professional player I never did this, but I did it at the youth teams. I am not used to this.”

He also talked of the positive meeting had with president Lendoiro, “Yes, there was a meeting with the captains. I couldn’t be there as I was lunching. I was going to be there, but according to what they told me things are improving. They already told us that many things will be fixed in July. They told us to remain calm. The true is that we are calmed and it’s tranquilizing to see the president coming here bringing good news.”

Finally, Juan Dominguez talked of the Fabril’s players making the pre-season with the first team, “These are young players that are adapting, evidently they are good players and what we must do is to help them in order to gain confidence. You can see that they have quality. I believe that in the near future they can help us a lot at the first team. I trust them, but it isn’t easy to adapt in a short period of time. In any case they can be part of the first team without problems.”

“The jump is big, and no matter their characteristic they must undergo through an adaption process, later the player must clarify his ideas and, according to the talent of the player, things could be easier to them. These tactical training with the first team will help them to adapt. Besides, there are a few of them with us and it makes things easier. Also, some of the players at the first team were already at Fabril a few years ago.” He finalized.



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