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22 Jul 2013
Winger Álvaro Lemos had a fantastic season 2012/13, despite the fate of the first team and that Fabril failed to clinch the promotion. He’s now one of the favourite players at Depor B in order to get the promotion to the first squad.

Álvaro Lemos was surely one of the best three Fabril’s players during the Tercera season; he began the tournament as the replacement of Vela at the right wing, but as soon as the latter was moved back to defense, Lemos entered into contention and ended claiming a starting role. He exploded in the second round thanks to his skills, velocity and a proper understanding with Luis; actually this A Coruña-born player was the only one with a double-digit mark (13 goals and 17 assists).

It is rumoured that coach Fernando Vázquez already selected him among the players that will get the promotion to the first team. But for now he wants to remain focus in the trainings with the team. Still, he’s confident of what the Fabril’s players can offer; as he told to reporters on Saturday, “We must go step by step, but I think that the players from the academy can make that step, because last year at Tercera we saw a good performance. Tercera isn’t Segunda though, but I think we can offer a good level. This is a group that’s making a great pre-season. You cannot be afraid of anything is you want to be a footballer.”

He’s also confident as there are several Fabril’s team mates joining him during the pre-season stage, “This is the first complete pre-season that I am making with the first team and it has been demanding, it can be said that it is the most demanding one I ever had. It helps you out to see other partners here, and we are here in order to gain a spot. The coach talks to us and tries to help us out. He told us what we must do: that we must go out to the pitch and face the rival. In my case he tells me that I should be daring, just as I am at Fabril.”

Finally, Lemos is convinced that Deportivo has enough resources at the team in order to cover the lack of signings, especially in attack, “We all have to help, the wingers, as it happens at other teams, score goals. I believe that on here we aren’t lacking strikers. We have them, perhaps not with the same status, but can match the performance. If we have to help the midfielders with goals, then we and even the centre-backs will do anything possible.”



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