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25 Jul 2013
Deportivo’s coach addressed the media on Wednesday’s morning; big part of the press conference was referred to the current financial situation. He also talked of the injury sustained by Álvaro Lemos.

Fernando Vázquez talked to the three reporters that were in Monforte for about sixteen minutes. It was expected a lot of questions regarding the current crisis hitting Deportivo, but the coach began feeling sorry for the serious injury sustained by winger Álvaro Lemos.

“Evidently it is a hard hit for him and his family, also to me and his team mates. This was the perfect timing. He had the opportunity and everything was coinciding. He had big options of been promoted; I thought he was one of the players with bigger options of entering into the team. He’s a player with class and I considered that he was going to be a pleasant surprise at the beginning of the season, but now he must face a long period for the recovery. “ He said regarding the issue.

He left an open door to make a signing in order to solve the issue, at least in the short term, “It is hard, but things are like this. I expect he will be back around January. Perhaps it will move us to sign a player in order to replace him. I was relying on him for the position, but the capacity of surviving is also the goal of a football player and I’m confident he will overcome the problem in order to return at the top.”

In any case the Galician tactician is content with the pre-season of the team, “We have been fine and I don’t need to complain. The training is made in order to put the team at the best possible level. We’re training in order to improve and search for the upper level.  The friendly games are only that: friendly games. I just search to improve the condition of the players.”

New signing Rudy skipped the first day of trainings, but Vázquez is confident about his case, “When the problems arrive, they don’t come alone. Isn’t? He has a small problem on the toe and will try to fix it. We hope he will be training soon. What we cannot do is to see him stopped for a month. He needs to be prepared in order to compete.”

Then El Profesor analyzed the financial crisis affecting the club; he supports the players and calls for unity in order to face the problem, “In the first place I would love to call for unity. The club is a big thing, composed not only by the players and the president, but by the fans and the peñas. I was convinced that we were going to face tough moments, but always counting with the unity. That union between the fans and the team, but at this point I can see that the union is breaking. People are demanding for responsibilities and we must try to face the problems together.”

“What the players are demanding is right, but there’s an emotion joining this as many people fear what could happen. Evidently this is beginning to influence, because everybody is a bit worried. It is disturbing, but I can assure that people is working in order to fix this. It is something that has been said to me. The players have the right to be worried, because the problems are coming from a long time ago and there was time to fix it, so they cannot be blamed. I am optimistic, because there are people working hard in order to see us going out to compete. It is what I believe and I have the hope that things are going to be fixed. “ He added.

Finally, Fernando Vázquez expressed his worries that the situation can affect the preparation of the team, “What worries me the most is that this stress can end leaving us out of focus. A worried team cannot compete. For the moment we keep training and working in the same way and it is my responsibility to have things under control. The team, despite the situation, will never surrender and will keep working and training. I assume the responsibility. I can only ask the fans to not search for guilty people when there’s no one to blame. The responsible ones will offer solutions. We are worried, but knowing there’s people working on this. We’re working almost six hours per day and the team is only focused in what matters. “



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