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28 Jul 2013
The financial problems are increasing the talent drain at Deportivo, something that existed before, but that’s now more evident. Until this point on the pre-season the club already lost four talents, while a few more could also end leaving.

These are hard times for Deportivo and all the structure of the academy; paradoxically during the season when the youngsters coming out from Fabril are going to be one of the pillars at the first team. The economic situation has moved the club to suppress some facilities for the kids, the more controversial one are the buses that normally take the players to the training camps in Abegondo.

Since the distance between Abegondo and the city of A Coruña is 23 kilometers the buses were perfect for the kids, many of them travel from fair places and have problems to travel long distances. Now the parents are forced to drive them to the trainings when they go out of work. There were many protests and it is feared that subsequently the kids -or their parents- would get tired of the long journey.

This situation has just increased the impact of the flight of talent,  a phenomenon that has affected many clubs throughout the last years, mainly small clubs that have “attacked” by big clubs that are taking their best kids without paying anything, like RCD Espanyol, side that’s in a constant conflict with FC Barcelona for this issue. The academy of Abegondo is just ten years old, but the Galician club already faced cases like Pablo Iglesias (Real Madrid) and Ángel Esmoris (Manchester City).

For the upcoming season it seems that many scouts have put their eyes on Abegondo, in this way the brothers Leira have joined FC Barcelona after beginning a promising career at Deportivo. Alberto Leira (16) played last season for Cadete A and scored 9 goals in 28 matches, beyond the mark he’s a unique player with the quality to elude rivals, shot on target and joins the attack from midfield. He was at the club since the stage at Alevines.

His younger brother, Jaime Leira, scored 10 goals in 32 appearances with Deportivo Cadete B and is also joining Barca. He also performs at midfield and called the attention for his vision to play. He just spent one year at the club after arriving to Depor thanks to a collaboration deal with club Galicia de Carranza.  It is a unique case to see a club taking two brothers, also because both paid a small fee in order to be released. A small reward that will never match their potential developed at Depor.

The brothers Leira posing for website muchacalidad.com

But not only the big clubs are taking players from Abegondo; it turns out that neighbors RC Celta are taking advantage of the situation too. The club from Vigo has taken goalkeeper Samuel Martínez (Cadete A) and centre midfielder Álex Rey (Cadete), this last one considered to be one of the best players at Depor’s academy.

These last movements have caused controversy, not only for been Celta, but because it means to see another Galician club taking advantage of Depor’s situation. And the conflict could turn bigger as it is known that Celta have also tempted Juvenil A’ playmaker Julio Delgado and centre midfielder Sergio Pereira, two young promises already picked by the national teams of Spain that were expected to join Depor B. The case with Julio remains uncertain, while Pereira was negotiating his continuity at Depor.



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