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04 Aug 2013
Coach Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Saturday and talked of the composition of his team, the expected reinforcements and the expectations ahead of the upcoming season at Segunda División.

A new week on the pre-season has ended and coach Fernando Vázquez explained his impressions during a press conference that lasted thirteen minutes. He started explaining what he expects from Arizmendi, the newest signing of Depor, “Well, I believe he’s a kid that can help us a lot up front; he can either play on the wings or at the centre of the attack, evidently he’s a player with experience. He can be important for the upcoming season. We expect the best from him. We need to see how he arrives and prepare him for competition. I think he can play at the left, the right or at the centre.”

The Galician trainer understands that the club is getting the same profile of reinforcements: Multifunctional players. “Yes we are signing very similar players in this regard, as example Arizmendi can perform at the right wing, also at the playmaking function. It’s the type of player we are getting, they’re fast and could bring important things when the games turn to be complicated.”

One of the most interesting thing said by the Castrofeito-born coach is that he’s expected for the signing of a top-striker, something he defined as a ‘chief striker’ as he said, “We are still waiting for the chief striker, to say it in one way, the striker that will be the first choice. We are waiting for one or two attackers.”

But it seems it won’t be Alex Geijo, an operation that was explained by Vázquez, “We still waiting. The player must make a decision, but I don’t know if he’s going to decide now that things were fixed on here. We need to make faster decisions, we cannot longer wait.”

El Profesor also said that he expects to define the exits from the team as soon as possible, “I’m wishing to clean up the team. It’s about time to resolve the situation of these players. It would be important for the players and the squad. We need the highest concentration and for this we need to have the players that will remain at the squad.”

He also explained what he lived on Wednesday as the club secured the permanence at Segunda during a dramatic evening, “I imagined that we were going to live a tranquil afternoon. I was a little surprised, because people were mad. But later we had hugs. I was surprised, because I didn’t expect that. In any case everything worked out and we went home happy and content.”

The tension between the fans & players was evident that day, but the coach expects it won’t affect the unity at the club, “I hope not. I already said it: one of the advantages of Deportivo compared to other teams was the social peace, which means peace between the fans and the club, well we lived tense moments, but I believe we already surpassed it. So, we all must look forward. Now the goal is important, which is to compete at Segunda División and bring hope. Let’s forgive the past and look to the future. That’s what I’m asking. The fans should be supporting at the highest level just like they always did. I’m convinced it will be like that.”

Depor’s coach is aware that the season at Segunda is tough and wouldn’t be surprised if his team suffers several defeats, “Of course. No matter the circumstances we need the results since the beginning; it doesn’t mean it will be a failure if we get negative results. The defeats will be part of the promotion campaign. I know that defeats and draws are possible results at Segunda, you can clinch the promotion losing many games.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez is expecting to build up a competitive squad, “We have goals, but must also surpass the situation by phases. This means the team can be build up without problems. Let’s hope we can clinch the promotion in the short-term, but must be prepared to cross the desert. We need to build up and need to do it cheap. We need to pay the debt, so it will be noticed in the sporting subject. We need to be prepared, we need to bear the situation. We are under construction and have lesser time to do it, but I’m optimistic and am confident we are going to get a competitive team for Segunda División.”



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