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05 Aug 2013
Bicho represents the most pleasant surprise among the youngsters that are making the pre-season with the first team of Deportivo. He´ll probably stay at Fabril, but having big chances of debuting with the senior squad at Segunda.

Javier Fernandez Abruñedo ‘Bicho’ is one of the names in vogue at Deportivo. The playmaker is the youngest player among the eleven youngsters chose by coach Fernando Vázquez in order to make the pre-season stage with the first team.

It was a reward for his career at the youth teams of Deportivo, especially what he has done within the last two years. Bicho was only 15 when he joined Cadete A during the season 2010/11 and the player exploded scoring 37 goals in 32 presentations at División de Honor Cadetes. One season later he was promoted to the Juvenil A squad without passing through the B team.

And since then the player has been progressing in giant steps, because he even debuted at Fabril at Tercera División and months later he was debuting with the first team during the pre-season. He left a positive impression in the friendly games thanks to his daring behavior and ability to make passes. His great goal before Pontevedra CF was highly commented among the fans.

Last week he offered his first press conference at Abegondo; timidly he commented his first impressions from the pre-season stage, “The feeling are pretty good, all the players at the squad have welcomed me. I know I’m a player of Fabril, but whatever comes it will be good and I’m eager to play. I’m fighting in order to have minutes and am sure all the partners in Fabril are willing to demonstrate things. This is a responsibility, but it’s also flattering to hear the positive comments. I must face things willing to help and must bring the best of me.”

He also explained the relationship with some of the veterans at the first team, ”The players from the first team welcomed us. Ze Castro is always over me, making jokes, also Ayoze, Aythami and Manuel Pablo, who says I’m his adoptive kid [he laughed]”

Its unlikely Bicho will be promoted to the first team during the season 2013/14; instead it’s expected he will stay at Depor B, but now, after his positive pre-season, it’s more probable that he will enjoy of minutes during the Segunda season, something that will be very impressive as only a few players have had minutes at Depor’s first team before turning 19.



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