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06 Aug 2013
In one week Deportivo La Coruña will be preparing the debut at Segunda, but right now the priority is to close the exits and arrivals; after all almost the half of the spots at the first squad remains uncertain.

Weird situation lived by Deportivo just eleven days before the debut at Segunda División, and it’s that despite coach Fernando Vázquez is having 28 players during the training sessions, the point is that almost the half of the spots for the regular season remain undefined.

Of the 28 players in the training camp, five exits are expected to occur before the end of the month, while nine of the eleven youngsters still have to be confirmed as first team’s members. This means that only thirteen players have a secure place for the new season, and this without considering that some of them could unexpectedly leave.

Taking in mind that Depor’s coach wants 20 players at the first team, it means that at least seven spots still need to be covered. These slots will be for new signings or for players coming out from the academy. This only means that the final squad could turn to be really different to the one that will dispute the first two matchdays (to be played before the closure of the market window).

The board of directors is worried with this situation and, in a very unique decision, they will make daily meetings with the board of directors in order to decide the arrivals and exits from the team. The deadline to inscribe players is August 31, but for the opening matchday against UD Las Palmas the deadline is August 14, so Deportivo have one week to define the team for the first match.

The following is the current status at Deportivo’s first team:

German Lux has a secure place for the new season, so there’s only one available spot. The club cannot afford the wages of Dani Aranzubia, but it doesn’t mean they will allow his exit for free. Right now the club is waiting to find an offer or instead a favourable deal to allow his exit, later the plan is to sign a new keeper. The rumour is that Deportivo already have two options, one is a young and promising player and the second a veteran.  David Gómez has been training with the first team, but his role is to play at Depor B during the new season.

Only one arrival is expected to occur at the defensive zone, and it’s that this is the most defined sector at the team, and this arrival is a full-back that will compete with Ayoze Díaz at the left-back position. At the right side the coach has three options, Manuel Pablo and Laure have a secure spot, and the situation still to be defined is the case of Diego Seoane. Vázquez said before that he wasn’t part of the plans, but could stay in case there’s no signing for the left sector.

This is the most defined position at the team. Currently there are seven centre-backs training at the team, so the priority is to allow the exits. The most anticipated one is Ze Castro. Like the case of Aranzubia, the club cannot afford his wages and the player has green light to search for another team. This will leave Vázquez with the options of Aythami, Kaká and Pablo Insua, the latter the only Fabril’s member with a secure place until this point.

Aythami has been linked with a return to UD Las Palmas, but the point is that Deportivo won’t allow his exit without receiving money and the Canarian club won’t pay anything, so the most probable scenario is that he will stay. It remains uncertain if the coach will like to have a fourth centre-back on a permanent basis. An alternative is to see Uxío Marcos alternating between the first team and Fabril. Stefan Deák is also waiting for a chance, while David Rochela already knows that Vázquez prefers his departure. These last two players could end loaned out, just like it happened before.

Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez have a secure place at the final team. The third centre midfielder in the list is Paulo Assunção, but he’s third player that should leave the club due to his high wages. This opens a gap for the two Fabril’s members making the pre-season with the first squad: Oumar Sidibé and Paulo Teles. It’s rumoured the club could try to sign reinforcement if Assunção leaves, but the team could also end up with a midfield territory composed by four players that played before at Deportivo B.

One of the positions that urgently need reinforcement is the left wing; there are no players at the first team for this position. The club has made approaches for Salomão and Culio, but nothing is defined yet. Bruno Gama is called to be the reference in attack, but despite the intents of the club, his name will remain as a “possible exit” until the last day of the market.

Álvaro Lemos was going to be one of the promoted players from Fabril, but his knee injury will left him sidelined until next year. The options of Cañi and Bicho will depend on the signings, but their initial spot is at Fabril. The idea of the coaching staff is to use some of the attackers for this position in case of been necessary, in this sense it should be normal to see attackers like Rudy performing at the sides.

The exit of Valerón has left a whole at the team, especially taking in mind that there isn’t a clear successor. Jorge Romay and Juan Carlos Real are the main aspirants for the spot, but it’s also possible to witness Juan Dominguez advancing his position as it already happened during the pre-season games. Bicho can play here too, but the plan is to have him at Fabril on a more permanent basis, while the coach already advanced that Arizmendi could also end playing there. And the uncertainty bigger taking in mind the club could end up making a signing for this position.

Fernando Vázquez already stated that he’s waiting for a “chief striker”, which means a front runner with the capacity to score twenty or more goals. Alex Geijo is still linked to the club, but Udinese Calcio won’t allow his exit so easily. It’s expected two more signings for this position.

In the meantime Luis Fernández seems to have earned a spot and has big options of staying, while Arizmendi and Rudy will be options for the position, though Fernando Vázquez is thinking is using them in other zones on the attacking field. Finally, youngster Dani Iglesias has left a positive impact, but is role for the new season is to stay at Fabril. 



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