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10 Aug 2013
Last press conference of Fernando Vázquez during the pre-season; he still has to define many things, like the role of the youngsters, but the coach assured that he already has a clear picture on his mind about the squad. He confirmed the interest in Geijo and the status of Luis.

Coach Fernando Vázquez offered a press conference on Friday; he talked to reporters for about ten minutes. With the debut in liga approaching he left several interesting notes regarding the final composition of the squad. He confirmed that Geijo is the “chief striker” that he wants and also that Luis Fernández will probably stay at the first team. About the rest of Fabril’s players making the pre-season he said that nothing is decided yet.

He started talking of the things left to do at his new team, “We’re missing the strikers; they haven’t arrived yet, since that point we’ll have to wait and see if some players will leave, these are administrative subjects and we are pending to resolve the issue. But well, we are approaching to what we want. We’ve a new centre midfielder and then Culio, who can perform as a number ten, but also as a playmaker or at the left wing. We also have Arizmendi and Rudy… also Bruno and we’re only waiting for the striker.”

The coach didn’t want to talk too much of Weik, this since the Polish midfielder hasn’t arrived yet to the city, “They’re coming in order to play, but until they are here, I prefer to reserve my opinion, but I believe he’s a player that can help us.”

Then the Galician coach announced that Luis is close to become a player of the first team, “We’ve Luis and I can confirm to you that we’ve a verbal agreement to see him staying. There’s almost an agreement between the club and the player in order to see him staying, therefore this is today’s news. We never thought in allowing his exit, but… he’ll defend the shirt of Deportivo and will have the opportunity to test himself, so I hope things will be fine to him and that we can get an important player.”

Vázquez was also asked about the rest of youngsters training at the first team; the response was that he still has to make a decision, “Well, for now nothing is decided. The major part of them are training here and we have the special case of Sidibé and Romay, who due to their age cannot play with the first team if they perform for the B squad, it’s a rule. About the others, Dani Iglesias, Bicho and the others will keep training with me, probably, and I’m waiting to see what happens, and if they cannot compete at the first team then they will do it at the B squad.”

There was a deeper comment regarding the cases of Sidibé and Romay, “I still have to decide if they will stay at the first team, but it’s a more worrying situation for me: to know if they will stay at the first team, if they will play at the B squad or if will go out loaned. If we decide to keep them at the B squad, depending on the signings, then they cannot stay at the first team.” He said.

Another interesting thing is related to the wished arrival of the strikers; El Profesor confessed that he’ll be happy with only one new attacker and that the main target is Alex Geijo, “I will be happy with one. “I’m wishing for this signing, because the season is about to begin. The true is that we are waiting for Geijo, it is the true. The player wants to be here; he told me about it and I told the club, but for different circumstances it has been delayed.”

About exits, the Castrofeito-born trainer said that, “These cases are more related to an administration issue rather to be a subject of the coach, so I can only say that I’m waiting for a decision, and I would love to see this happening as soon as possible. There’s always the fear you can end up missing someone you were counting on… I’ve fear, but don’t ask me why [he laughed] Yes, there’s the chance that someone could leave.”

Then he assured that at least one centre-back is going out of the squad, “I have enough players to complete the central positions, but I know that some players will leave. I don’t want to make more comments, but clearly some players will leave, it’s evident, we have too many players for that position.”

Another question was if Seoane has been considered as a candidate for the left-back position together with Ayoze, and the coach answered that, “It’s a possibility and we need to decide about it. The situation of Manuel Pablo, Seoane, Laure and Ayoze is there… it could be useful in case we need it.”

Vázquez also said that the lineup that will face Gil Vicente in the last friendly of the pre-season might be the same one that will face UD Las Palmas in the debut in liga, “Sincerely I don’t think we’ll see too many differences. I don’t know how Culio is arriving, but already have in my mind the squad for the game. What should be clear is that we’re preparing a competitive team that will face Las Palmas. Neither can I define the structure that we’ll have; I’ve it on my mind but, in order to define this, we will use the last week on the pre-season.”

He also explained the target of goals in favour and against for the new season, “I’m expecting to score between 60 and 70 goals, and it should go out from somewhere, between Rudy, Bruno, Arizmendi, Culio… the new striker and the centre-backs we must reach the mark of 70, always trying to allow less than 35 or 38 goals.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez assured that the system of three centre-backs used throughout the pre-season was only an alternative used to bring minutes to the players, “It’s an option, but it was a system that helped me to manage the team during the pre-season: you see: I was having too many centre-backs and sometimes we were missing wingers, Bruno skipped many games and I was having several centre midfielders. It was made to bring minutes to them, but also to train the players. But clearly you need to put the best and will change as soon as we have Rudy and Arizmendi fit to play.”



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