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12 Aug 2013
Deportivo closed the pre-season stage after the victory over Gil Vicente. It was a convulsed period due to all the problems lived at the club, and therefore unique as what prevailed was the youth of the players training and playing with the first team.

It wasn’t the best way to prepare the Segunda campaign; the many problems lived by the club didn’t allow coach Fernando Vázquez to work with tranquility during the five weeks of the pre-season. He had to improvise during the training sessions and the friendly matches, even allowing the debut of Juvenil B players during one of the matches.

The pre-season was divided in three stages; the first one took place at Abegondo and lasted one week. It was characterized by the lack of players at the first team, and it’s that only sixteen men completed the first training sessions on the pre-season. This was the first consequence of the administration process of Deportivo as the expected signings didn’t arrive on time to cover the departures from the team that played at Primera. The main characteristic of the period was the intensity of the training sessions, some of the even lasting three hours.

The second part of the pre-season was held in Monforte de Lemos, this time the number of players raised to 27, but it was because the coach decided to pick eleven players from Deportivo B and Juvenil A; eleven youngsters that were looking for a spot at the first team.  The pace of the trainings was also high, but there were also spa sessions in order to relax.

Depor’s first team in a training session during the stage in Monforte de Lemos
Deportivo also started to play friendly games in this second stage; totally the team disputed nine matches during the pre-season. Four of them took place during the stage in Monforte. The first one was a demolishing 9-0 win over Club Lemos, which turned to be the biggest win on the pre-season. Both Juan Dominguez and Luis scored a hat-trick in this game.

The nine games played in the pre-season were characterized by the many changes that were made throughout the ninety minutes (the game with the lesser number of changes was against Pontevedra CF: 9) The next two games were also comfortable wins for Depor playing against Tercera outfits: 3-1 Vs. Racing Vilalbés and 3-0 Vs. UD Barbadás.

The stage in Monforte ended with a goalless match against Segunda B team CD Ourense, it turned to be one of the two draws on the pre-season for Depor. For the third stage the team returned to Abegondo in order to continue with the training sessions, this time the sessions were more tactical and the team also played five friendly matches.

Picture from the 2-0 win over Pontevedra CF
A 2-0 win over Tercera club Pontevedra CF was the next result on the schedule, then Deportivo lived the most dramatic moment in recent years as the Galician club was close to suffer the relegation to Segunda B due to the conflict with the players’ unpaid wages. For this reason the next friendly game, visiting Portuguese club FC Arouca, turned to be a unique case in the centenary history of the club.

Because Deportivo were forced to dispute the game with players coming from the youth teams; twenty-two players were used in that match, nine of those players ended the past season performing for Juvenil A or B: Ángel, Callón, Róber, Fornos, Gabi, Juanpa, Gabi, Óscar García and Pancho Cotos. The situation was so bizarre that even Vázquez was out of the game and the spot was for José Luis Devesa, the coach of Deportivo B. So, it was meritorious as the team clinched a 1-1 draw facing a team from the elite in Portugal.

Things returned to “normal mode” as Deportivo faced the seventh friendly game, which was the toughest one on the pre-season as Deportivo faced the most complicate rival: Rio Ave CF, club that was close to qualify for the Europa League on last season. It was the lonely defeat on the period after the Galicians were reduced to a 0-1 loss at the Dos Arcos stadium. Arizmendi debuted in this match.

The pre-season ended with two narrow victories for Los Blanquiazules, the first a 1-0 win over Segunda B outfit Oviedo CF with a last-minute goal scored by Romay; then Saturday’s 3-2 victory over Portuguese Gil Vicente, with the score changing of hands in three different opportunities. Culio made his debut in this encounter.

It was a strange pre-season, crowned by the fact that the Teresa Herrera tournament hasn’t been played yet; the match will be disputed at the end of the month in order to allow the participation of Real Madrid. In resume, a pre-season stage with a lot of problems and difficulties. The main two were the lack of preparation and the injuries.

Lack of preparation because Fernando Vázquez only had three signings for the friendly games –one of them didn’t play due to injury reasons- and neither the exits were completed. This means that El Profesor was unable to test what he wants for the Segunda campaign, just to mention the fact that he had to rescue the system with five defenders in order to administrate the team during the last three friendly matches. Things looked so improvised that even the team played the nine games wearing the kits of last season, this since the new ones will be ready until the weekend.

Besides, there were many injury cases that prevented the participation of the players during the matches, the more serious case is winger Álvaro Lemos, who will be sidelined until January due to a knee problem. Also, Rudy was unable to debut due to a toe problem. At least only Cańi, Lemos and Rudy are currently sidelined from the trainings ahead of the debuting match in liga.

But there were also good news; the first one is that the team will continue to enjoy of a big support; the club is at the edge of reaching the 20,000 socios despite the relegation and that’s going to be an important factor throughout the Segunda campaign. The second positive news is that Fernando Vázquez had enough time to test the youngsters from the youth teams, and their contribution can also be crucial in a team lacking of financial resources to reinforce the squad. In this sense players like Luis, Insua or Bicho could be really important during the Segunda tournament.



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