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15 Aug 2006
The movements inside of Deportivo continues, Lendoiro secured during the night the incorporation of Carlos Alc??ntara, a new youngster that will arrive from Villarreal. Meanwhile, Caparr??s is still thinking in the configuration of his squad for the season 2005/2006.

Carlos Alc??ntara (21) is the last youngster that has joined Capar??s' new project, he is a left back that has played the UEFA cup, the Intertoto, some liga matches and two Copa games with Villarreal. The deal with the Valencian club is very similar to the ones already signed by Lendoiro. Alc??ntara will sing a four-year-contract and Villarreal will enjoy a monetary compensation that hasn't been announced yet.

The whereabouts of the youngster’ presence in the team is still to be determined. The youngster could be inscribed with the first squad or in another case with Fabril. Apparently Caparr??s will take a decision according to the empty spots in the team, this situation won't be a problem with the player as his agent, Paco S??nchez Savater, explained it to Depor Sport: "He’s still an U-23 player, so I will force him to play in Fabril or even in Arteixo if this situation is required. We know that the player has a good chance in Depor with this coach (Caparr??s)."

Celta and Sevilla were interested in Alc??ntara too, but the youngster preferred the option of Deportivo as S??nchez Savater explained: "On Sunday, all the youngsters in Spain saw that the new project of Lendoiro is a valid option. The whole country saw as eleven boys defeat AC Milan, and Carlos believes that here is the place where his career must continue."

But it seems that this isn't the last incorporation that the club has been following , Lendoiro is also searching for a left winger in order to replace the exit of Munitis, so far the main candidate is G??nzalo Castro (21), the Uruguayan player participated in the Teresa Herrera and Depor has been interested in him for a while, the main problem is that his club, Nacional Montevideo, is asking for €4.5 million for him, an amount that Depor won't fulfill.

Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s is still figuring out the compilation of his team for the season 2006/2007. It has been reported that he already has 20 of the 25 names in his head: Dud?? Aouate (goalkeeper); Manuel Pablo, Antonio Barrag??n, Albert Lopo, ?lvaro Arbeloa, Juanma, Rodri, Joan Capdevilla (defenders); Fabricio Coloccini, De Guzm??n, Sergio, Juan Rodr?guez (pivotes); Iago Iglesias, Joan Verd?? (offensive midfielders); Cristian Hidalgo, Fabi??n Estoyanoff, Riki (wingers); Javier Arizmendi, Rodolfo Bodipo and Sebasti??n Taborda (strikers).

The Sevillan coach has to add three more names to this list: Jorge Andrade (defender), Juan Carlos Valer??n (playmaker) and Pablo Alvarez (winger). Caparr??s relies on these players for the new season, however, their long-term injuries could cause their exclusion from the list, at least until December when the winter window is open once again. The final decision depends on the discarded players: Acu?a, Scaloni, Pablo Amo and Trist??n.  For these four men the club has yet to identify an exit avenue from the club. Caparr??s could even inscribe some of these players in order to replace the injury ones.

Finally, there are three special cases: Mun??a, Duscher and Antonio Tom??s. Caparr??s still to decide who will be the second keeper, Mun??a has his chances, but if the Sevillan coach chooses Mackay or Fabricio, the Uruguayan keeper will have to leave. Duscher is waiting to know what will happen with him, but it's already known that if Lendoiro doesn't find a good offer, Caparr??s will give a spot to the Argentinean. Meanwhile, Antonio Tom??s is waiting to know if Caparr??s found a space for him in the first squad, if Duscher leaves, the ex-Racing player will probable occupy his space, in other case, he will be loaned out for this season.

The scene can change in any second, the arrival of Alc??ntara plus the probably incorporation of a left winger and a new striker will change some things. The only thing for sure is that Caparr??s has fifteen days in order to solve the puzzle.

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