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15 Sep 2013
Both coaches didn’t want to offer clues about the lineup that will be used in this game; Depor’s trainer announced that Marchena should be available on next week. Sporting’s coach was predicting a chess match.

José Ramón Sandoval Huertas is a Madrilenian coach better known for his success at Rayo Vallecano. He already spent 16 years working as a coach and in the major part of the time he worked with Madrilenians clubs.

The true is that he didn’t have much success in his first decade as a football coach, because he didn’t clinch anything important with C D Humanes, AD Parla and Club Atlético de Pinto. After a small stage coaching the regional squad of Madrid he landed at Getafe B.  He qualified the team for the promotion playoffs to Segunda B, but failed in the attempt.

And then Sandoval landed at Rayo Vallecano in 2007 and his luck changed, because he firstly conquered the first promotion of the B squad to Segunda B and three years later took charge of the first team and clinched their last promotion to Primera. Suddenly he was considered as a coach with a daring an offensive proposal. He clinched the salvation at Primera during the season 2011/12, but a nasty confrontation with the Bankruptcy Administration of the club pushed him out after five years at the club.

Then Sandoval, for the first time on his career, left Madrid and decided to coach Sporting Gijón in Asturias. It wasn’t an easy decision, because at the time there was a “civil war” inside the Asturian club. Former coach Manolo Sánchez only lasted two months and the team was living inside the relegation zone. The true is that Sandoval managed to put the team at safer lands and even close to the promotion zone, but the major part of the fans still hate him due to some of his decisions. He stayed for the present season and the true is that the situation is now more peaceful as the team lies at the playoff zone This is his first official meeting against Fernando Vázquez..

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s morning; he talked to reporters for ten minutes. He didn’t want to reveal any hint of the lineup and just stated that, “We are going there for the victory, but if you ask to the rival’s coach he will also tell you that his team is going to win. What we are going to offer is what you already know.”

Then he talked of the problems at the centre of the defense while he revealed that Deák is part of the list for the game, “There are many alternatives. I don’t have Uxío, neither Kaká. Marchena isn’t entering, but I’m picking Stefan [Deák] as one of the centre-backs. Marchena isn’t entering as he isn’t ready to compete, so he will stay here training and preparing himself. I believe that he’ll be available for next weekend. I believe he will be better by then. He should be ready to compete on next week, though it’s difficult to talk of deadlines.”

About new signing Antonio Núñez, the Galician tactician said that, “The player just landed on here; he trained yesterday and today he made his second session. Besides, the game is demanding from me to pick a different type of player. We must give him some time. He arrives here for four months, but it could be extended.”

For him this is an important meeting as both clubs have the same goal on this season, “Tomorrow’s game is important, because it means three points before a rival that I consider as a candidate to promotion. We search for the same thing, so it’s important to win for Deportivo. They have a large squad and the problem won’t be there, but in the capacity of Sporting to overflow us. That’s the big problem. This is a team that knows how to move the ball with the needed velocity, having experience and this year they opted in making a team with veterans.”

Asked about the reason why Deportivo are having better results on the road, the coach commented that, “It has to do with the dominion and the continuous attack, because at our stadium the rival is standing there, while in the away meetings you have the chance to steal the ball and run; the rival runs backwards and it isn’t just standing there. In this new context is simpler to create scoring chances compared to the first scenario.”

“The team is dominating the games at home, perhaps the only exception was the first minutes against Córdoba, but I believe that this was already noticed against Murcia. Clearly football is counterattack, because it’s easier the counterattack compared to the positional attack, so at home we attack more, while away from home we push through the counterattack.” He added.

There was also a comment regarding the match in Copa against Real Jaén, once again he insisted that the priority is la liga, “It will be a nice opportunity to see if the second team, to call it one way, can continue growing and improving, including several youngsters. The club and the coach agree on this, so we travel to Jaén and it will be extraordinary if we win, but will try to do it without wasting the energies that we need in liga.”

Deportivo played 120 minutes on Wednesday, but the coach is convinced that his team is ready to face this demanding test just four days later, “I believe my team is fine and ready to hold on for ninety minutes. There are no further explanations. I use the rest in order to improve the team and the physical preparation helps us to face the situation.”

Finally, the journalists insisted about who will be playing at the centre of the defense. He was asked if Álex will join Insua for the job, but Fernando Vázquez just ended the press conference saying that, “At the beginning it could be like that, I have to decide if I move Álex to the position or not. I’ve Pablo Insua and nothing more… also Stefan, who’s part of the list. Uxío wanted to be available, he was hoping to play, for this reason we delayed the surgery, but in the end it wasn’t possible and it’s a pity for the boy. “

Sporting’s coach addressed the media on Saturday’s morning; he said that the lineup for the game is already decided, but didn’t offer any clue of the names that will be on it. “I just ruled out Santi Jara, because not all the players could enter into the list. The important thing is to achieve the victory, to keep adding. We must respect our concepts and feel strong at home. The true is that we are in an ascending line.”

“The player must continue performing having the same conviction that has been implemented throughout the week. It’s very important to add points in the first round, because it will allow us to conquer important things in the second.” He added.

About Deportivo, the Madrilenian man said that, “This is a meeting between two teams with an important social mass. I know it’s going to be a very difficult match. Depor are a team that only grants a few concessions. It will be a chess match. The important thing is to have patience, because we cannot score the second goal before the first.”

“We must be intelligent, to have both feet on the ground. Vázquez is a coach that brings confidence to his team. Both teams are only allowing a few goals, but we are risking more things than them. We must avoid errors with the passes. Depor’s numbers away from home are to think twice about our strategy, but our system has advantages, though there’s a risk if we aren’t careful with the mark. Both teams rested players in Copa and surely will be different in liga.” He finalized.



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