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17 Sep 2013
Heavy criticism towards referee Iñaki Garrido for the decisions during the game, the major part of them affected Deportivo and allowed the victory for Sporting. But there was also criticism for the lack of reaction at the Galician team.

Deporte Campeón: Black history in Gijón. Yesterday's wasn’t a game to lose, much less. In fact, if things had gone well, after the performance in the first part, the Galician team, with a very clear lack of scoring, could have left the stadium with a big reward. But it didn’t happen. The dark history at El Molinón continues. Once again, as in the season of the relegation with Lotina, the referee charged Deportivo. It's not an excuse, it's true.

To make matters worse the performance of the referee had more errors. With the 2-0, at minute 85, there was a similar play on the bottom line of Sporting. Juan Carlos steals the ball, takes it into the area, and is shot down in the same way that Luisinho had used outside the area, but this time it was very clear that he was inside. Only favoring the local team, the referee prevented to see Depor fulfilling its plans. It’s already too much what has been done with so little to see the referee removing from you the meager options to succeed in a field like El Molinón. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo fell against Sporting Gijon after a controversial penalty. Deportivo suffered its first loss away from home and the third of the season, emitting worrying symptoms of little football and low capacity to react, but mostly by the imbalance of a decision of the referee, something from which the Galician team failed to recover. The “penalty” of Luisinho over Isma Lopez, transformed by the top-scorer Scepovic, dashed the aspirations of Depor at El Molinón. After the 1-0 it cannot improvise or change the pace imposed by Culio’s trot and the intermittence of Arizmendi and Rudy.

It wasn’t enough with the attempts from Borja Bastón, isolated almost the entire second half, but the best Depor’s player in the first. He played backwards the goal, dropped the high passes looking for him and shot on target with danger in three different opportunities. Depor born in the game looking ordered at the back and waiting for their chance, as Fernando Vazquez announced it will be the usual version of a half-made Deportivo lacking the needed men to dominate the ball. Sporting pressed hard from midfield, place where Garai and Bustos mined the area beating Juan Dominguez and Wilk. But it was hard to find the road to Lux and their striker Scepovic. Depor were solid within the first minutes, time when they created danger at Sporting’s area, an optimistic forecast for the match in front of thousands of fans at the stands of El Molinón.

Then Depor met the referee. Firstly he didn’t allow throwing a free-kick that was little more than a corner-kick just seconds after the minute 45. Then, he whistled a penalty in the second half that broke the game. Luisinho was discussing with Isma Lopez in an absurd argument, lost sight of his counterpart in a throw-in, and then he tried to correct it. The player of Sporting fell in a doubtful contact , but that in any case began outside the area. It remembered the infamous penalty of Ruben Pérez in the controversial Sporting-Depor that unhinged Lotina. Scepovic didn’t miss and scored for the fifth consecutive matchday.

Depor had no answer. Manuel Pablo entered for Rudy and Luisinho advanced his position. It didn’t change much, because Depor didn’t create any danger while Culio wasn’t’ very inspired with the lateral free-kicks. The Galicians hadn’t been in trouble in the second half until the penalty, but didn’t have arguments when the game turned to be uphill. Alex Barrera sentenced leveraging a counterattack led by Scepovic, and when Juan Carlos and Luis came for the last minutes it was no longer possible. The referee again made a very questionable call ignoring the penalty of Mandi on Juan Carlos that could mean the expulsion of the local player and some excitement at the final minutes. But Depor had much to paddle before justifying with goals their poor game. M. Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor allow a goal and fell. Too much short passes and little imbalance at the wings of Deportivo, orphan of specialists capable of generating superiority in one-on-one actions. The Galician faced again many problems to widen the field and had no response after being left behind on the scoresheet. As it happened against Córdoba and Murcia, the attacking line got worse after conceding a goal, as if the fact of been in disadvantage leads to witness a crippled  team from three quarters of the field. So far, in their three losses on the season, the team was unable to react when the rival took the lead. Not only is unable to comeback, but it’s not even able to tie when the opponent is the first that scores.

Three matchdays without adding points and the Galician team was unable to score a goal. This production drought in offense has a lot to do with the serious problems that Deportivo are having on the wings, both in attack and defense. Yesterday both goals of Sporting are the result of two passes searching for the back of the full-backs. First, in Luisinho’s action during the foul outside the area that Bikandi Garrido interpreted as penalty. And seven minutes later, in the play of the goal by Alex Barrera, it was born in a defensive mismatch of Laure. The Madrilenian, at least, had the help of Javier Arizmendi, often helping in the tasks of destruction. More alone, however, was Luisinho, with Rudy less involved in the sacrifice at the moment of defending.

The problems on the wings were evident not only defending. Depor also suffered to generate some danger attacking by the wings, as both Arizmendi and Rudy tend to play towards the centre, place where they feel fairly comfortable. Juan Carlos Real, who is becoming into the player number twelve at the Galician team, also prefers to play towards the centre. Eugenio Cobas

El Comercio (Gijón) Sporting reach the top. The Galician pressure of the first half made it more balanced, but after the break, the goals marked the difference; Scepovic in an innocent penalty of Luisinho over Isma, and Barrera sentenced in six minutes. Sporting reached the top of the league after an elaborated victory over Deportivo. Furthermore, The Asturians are the only unbeaten team at Segunda, keeping the streak of winning everything at home and the visiting side breaks the streak of winning all the away matches, only wins until they had to pass by El Molinón.

The game had a more balanced first half, but after the break, practically the game of Sandoval’s men was reflected on the scoresheet, even if the road was paved through a penalty highly protested by the visitors. After the break, Sporting came out more determined, with the impression of trying to solve soon the game. The merits to win were higher than those of Deportivo. The award was the points and the first place in the league leaving a good impression that conveys reasons for optimism.



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