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18 Sep 2013
Álex Bergantiños didn’t hesitate to point out that Spanish referees are lacking a calmer attitude at the moment of talking to the players. He also accepted that Deportivo are having big problems at the moment of attacking by the wings.

Álex Bergantiños offered a press conference on Monday. He talked about the referees, but also about Depor’s problems to create scoring opportunities, mainly on the wings. He was also pointing to the next game at the Riazor as Deportivo need to start winning at home.

He began complaining of what happened with the referee on Sunday, “The true is that the referee was decisive and we have spent two matchdays in which they ended affecting us, the other day they didn’t want to whistle a clear penalty [over Culio] while now they granted this penalty and later didn’t want to whistle the one committed over Juan Carlos, a foul that I believe it was clear. He didn’t want to whistle it and I think the referee was nervous.”

“Later I saw on TV the long run he made in order to show the yellow card to Luisinho, it seemed he was celebrating it. He was having an intensity that wasn’t seeing in the rest of the game. Sometimes the referees tend to help the local teams and this isn’t an excuse. The rival also made a good game. The match was equal and we must also look to ourselves, because we have problems trying to attack well-placed rivals. We cannot manage what the referees do, but can control what the team does.” He added.

The Galician midfielder is convinced that one of the problems is the lack of dialogue between the players and the referees, “The referees need to be calmer. The example is the last play of the first half. He was yelling to us in a very weird way, and later, when we were at the changing room, he was talking to us calmly. I think they are too worried of the image they are giving to the public, and I believe the committee of the referees should educate them to talk properly to the players. He’s the one that should clarify to the players regarding what’s happening. And if they could be more expressive then they would avoid unnecessary yellow cards and would allow them to manage the game more properly.”

“I remember that on this season, and at the end of last campaign, it was hard to see them whistling a penalty in our favour.  It’s hard to think this organized, but it has been like this. It’s true that in some moments it seems to be settling against us, but we cannot manage it and must accept it. Last season there was a lot of talking when they affected us in three straight games and perhaps it could be useful to talk of this. Here in Spain the referees are too protected, we never allow them to give further explanations. We need more talking between the referees and the clubs. If there could be a dialogue then things would be easier to everyone.” He added.

Álex was also accepting that Deportivo is facing problems at the moment of facing the rivals when they claim the advantage in the score, “We are having problems facing teams that are lock at the back when the result is against us. It has been hard to us to create scoring opportunities and this is what we need to improve. We need to open the field and have more penetrations. Truly Sporting play good football at home, but we felt comfortable and were playing on counterattacks. In any case we need to improve as we cannot live of the counterattack. We need to improve at the moment of attacking a static defense.”

He also admitted that Depor have problems to penetrate by the wings, “It happened too the day of Murcia. We were focusing the attacks by the centre and we need to open the field attacking by the sides. We need to push the rival as it’s difficult to attack a team that’s locked at the back. We are working on this. It isn’t the same to perform without specific players for the wings rather than not have them. Núñez has arrived and he can help us on this regard. We need to work in order to have more amplitude and game by the sides. We even had to locate Juan Carlos on the sides, we knew how things are at the club and the president already explained it. The team has been fine at defense despite we already lost three games. The rivals don’t create too many opportunities and later we need to improve some factors. We are lacking confidence and need to know each other better. We hope the team can improve.”

Within the last two games, in Copa against Córdoba CF and in liga against Sporting Gijón, the former captain of Fabril performed as a centre-back, but he said to be feeling comfortable on that function, “It isn’t strange to me as I played there at the youth teams. I feel comfortable as I know the position. Truly it’s a little harder in some games, but I always try to give my best.”

Finally, Bergantiños was expressing his hope of winning once and for all at the Riazor, “We are missing to win at home; it will remove the label that we only win away from the Riazor. Alcorcón is a team that has spent the last years with a similar block, so they know each other pretty well and are having good results. It’s a hard rival, but we need to win at the Riazor. We must go out on Sunday in order to win in any possible way.”



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