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21 Sep 2013
Fernando Vázquez has been testing a 4-4-2 lineup for the upcoming game against AD Alcorcón; the problems to create scoring opportunities, when the team plays at home, is moving the coach to perform with two strikers.

Deportivo have remained scoreless within the first two home matchdays on the season; it’s something that doesn’t happen at the club since the season  2010/11; on that opportunity Lotina lost 0-2 against UD Almeria (matchday 05) and later grabbed a goalless draw against CA Osasuna (matchday 07).

In order to find the last time that Depor spent three straight home games missing the goals it is necessary to go back to the campaign 2006/07, time when Caparrós’ Deportivo lost the derby before RC Celta 0-1 (matchday 11), and later drew 0-0 with Racing Santander (matchday 13) ending the negative streak with a 0-2 lost against Athletic Bilbao (matchday 15).

Coach Fernando Vázquez is aware of the problems of the team, not only to create scoring opportunities, but to define the few chances in favour of the Blanquiazules, for this reason he stated that a change was probable to occur as the team needed to find the right way to play the home matches. And the needed modification can be the switch the formation into a different system.

During Wednesday and Thursday the coach tested a 4-4-2 formation with Juan Culio and Juan Carlos Real performing on the wings, while the central positions on midfield were for Polish Cezary Wilk and Juan Dominguez.

The pair in attack was composed by Javier Arizmendi playing behind Borja Bastón. The idea of the draw is to gain depth with Culio playing on the left, while Juan Carlos is performing towards the centre with Arizmendi switching the position in order to open the space.

In recent games Depor have been focusing the attack on the centre and this new tactic is trying to open new routes to the opposite goal. The men sacrificed with this new scheme is Portuguese Rudy, who has been a starter within the first five games in liga.

Borja Bastón talked during the week regarding the problems to create scoring opportunities, ”In the games where the rivals claimed the lead the things have been complicated for us. With the 0-0 on the scoresheet the team is feeling fine. There are more problems facing a team that’s well placed on the pitch, but we also need to adapt as we are a new team. Despite we already lost three games the team has been fine and we just were a little bit unlucky. It isn’t a negative balance. If we can claim the advantage on the scoresheet then things are going to be better.”

Similar was the opinion of Javier Arizmendi, ”It has been hard for us to have scoring opportunities. When we are behind on the scoresheet then it has been hard to us to have more chances and this system can increase our depth and presence inside the area. We need to improve and create more opportunities, we need more presence inside the area and this could only happen with more training sessions and finding a better understanding. We don’t know each other pretty well. If we want to fight for promotion then Riazor need to be a field where only a few points are dropped.”

But the attack isn’t the only problem hitting Deportivo at this point. Vázquez is trying to find solutions up front just when he’s having big problems at defense, it isn’t clear if Kaká, Carlos Marchena and Uxío Marcos are going to be available for this game, while Luisinho was already ruled out with a muscle problem.

During the training sessions the trainer had to improvise with Álex Bergantiños performing as a centre-back and joining Pablo Insua, then to relocate Manuel Pablo at the left side, while Laure performed at the right side with German Lux defending the goal.

Taking in mind that Friday’s session was just a relaxation session it seems certain that the draw will be switched into a 4-4-2, so the only doubt for now is if any of the three centre-backs that are dragging physical problems are going to be fit to play, something that could move back Álex to midfield territory. Neither should be surprising if the coach keeps the 4-2-3-1 scheme, because on last season he already tested a different lineup during the trainings compared to the one that ended playing the game.



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