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16 Aug 2006
Lionel Scaloni and Diego Trist??n are desperate to leave the club. Both have spoken about their situation in the last few hours. Meanwhile, Duscher is also waiting to resolve his case. In the opposite direction, the club confirmed yesterday the signing of Carlos Alc??ntara, a left-footed defender from Villarreal.

Diego Trist??n said on Monday that he wants an immediate exit from Depor.  "We can’t just keep waiting to see what happens in the passing days. I want to go out with dignity, but it must be right now." The media in Spain has speculated that Trist??n will try to talk with Lendoiro during the next few hours to solve his situation. At the same time, some English papers like The Mirror have speculated about a possible transfer to Bolton Wanderers.

Bolton has been trying to sign Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink from PSV, but the Â?5.4 million (€7.97 million) operation didn’t work out. Now, the Premiership club has turned its attention to Trist??n. The report says that Sam Allardyce (Bolton's coach) has already talked with Diego's agent. Apparently Bolton is offering €2.95 million for the transfer. But it’s not known if Trist??n would like to play in England.  So far he has commented that he prefers to continue his career in Spain.

Lionel Scaloni is another player in a similar situation. He said yesterday that he is hurt at what has happened lately: "The coach doesn't count on me, I talked to him three times, but he still doesn’t want me. So he said that he would help me find an exit. That's the logical thing. For the moment we have been training separate from the other players, which hurts us.  We are players who have given a lot to this club."

The Argentine also explained the state of his transfer. "I understand the coach’s decision, but right now we are waiting for the president’s decision. The day I leave is the day on which I will talk." It has been reported that Angel Scaloni (Lionel's father) will meet with Lendoiro in the next few hours. It's a meeting to obtain his freedom. It was also rumoured that some Premiership clubs are interested in Scaloni, but La Voz de Galicia claims that the main interest comes from Levante, it seems that the Valencian club is ready to offer €500,000 for his services.

Aldo Duscher is also trying to solve his future as soon as possible.  Some days ago the Argentine told AS that he is closer to continuing at Depor than being sold." Duscher’s father arrived yesterday and spoke with Lendoiro. According to Galician radio, Depor has three offers coming from Spanish clubs and three others from foreign countries. Lendoiro told Duscher's father that he will have his final answer before next Wednesday

Meanwhile, Lendoiro has concluded the signing of another young promise, Carlos Alc??ntara.  He is a left back signed from Villarreal. He participated a few times with the first squad, including a couple of UEFA Cup matches and Intertoto confrontations. He signed for three years and has started to train with the first squad.

One thing that hasn't been decided yet is if he will be assigned to the first squad, or if he will play with Fabril. The club said that Caparr??s is the one who will decide, and it will depend on the available spots in the first squad. Alc??ntara himself recognized that he would probably play with Fabril during the next season.  "I will alternate my presence between the first squad and Fabril in order to gain playing time."

The 21-year-old defender also explained the reasons why he signed for Depor.  "I came here because of the project, the coach and for the opportunities that young players are enjoying. I also came because the club only has a few left backs.  Now I hope to learn a lot from Capdevila and try to obtain a place in the team." It was also reported that Deportivo will pay Villarreal according to Alc??ntara’s participation in the squad.  In other words, the amount of the transfer will depend on the number of games in which Alc??ntara plays.

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