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24 Sep 2013
The media wasn’t content with the performance of Deportivo despite it won for the first time at the Riazor. The switch in the draw didn’t convince the papers as they believe the team is still having lagoons both in defense and attack.

Deporte Campeón: A win with deficiencies. It wasn’t the best game at home on this season, quite possibly it was much worse than the clashes before Murcia and Córdoba, but that's football and the Segunda División, Deportivo took the points. The Galician coach didn’t hide his cards; he didn’t order a mad strategy and raised the game accordingly to how they worked during the week. Juan Carlos was a starter in the middle of the field instead of Rudy, Manuel Pablo replaced Luisinho and Deportivo bet for two strikers with Arizmendi backing Borja Bastón . The match meant the first home victory, a win that shows precisely how hard it will be this tournament. More than ever we must have patience. Alberto Torres

La Opinión A Coruña: Three points, a miracle. Deportivo beat Alcorcon in the initial stage and after the goal of Dominguez it was diluted, both in attack and defense. It was a suffered victory against an opponent that forgave several clear opportunities. Just twenty minutes, the initial ones, lasted the effervescence of the new system with two strikers. It was a tactical retouch with an award, because Deportivo won, but leaves many questions both in attack and defense. The best, no doubt the result. Seeing is believing. A real miracle after so many clear chances had by Alcorcón, especially in the second half. With much less, Cordoba and Murcia won at the Riazor. Yesterday, however, fortune was an allied of the locals.

Deportivo sought solutions in attack, especially stuck at their stadium, the team hadn’t been able to score in the two previous meetings. To find the goals Fernando Vazquez fulfilled what had been practiced all week and chose to tweak his usual scheme. It wasn’t a drastic change, just a shade to relocate Arizmendi as a second striker alongside Borja. Two strikers searching for a better ending of the plays, with Juan Carlos and Culio trying to leverage the interior corridors. Much game by the inside and less amplitude on the wings, only the side defenders. No wingers, but with quality to move the ball with criteria.

With the lead on the scoresheet, Deportivo was much higher on the pitch, circulating the ball quickly and accurately. They abused less than usual with the ball on the feet, especially Juan Dominguez, grown for his debut as a scorer on the season. The Galician team felt comfortable, but unconsciously it locked itself soon. Their clear dominance didn’t last more than twenty minutes. Gradually it was diluted before the greater thrust of Alcorcón, which stretched lines in search of arrivals. They created a few, though their main chances were set-pieces. Córdoba and Murcia won at the Riazor thanks to two strategic actions. The lesson was learned and Depor put special attention to effectively defend such plays. It granted little, only a header from Nagore after a corner. He almost scored, sowing unrest at the Riazor. Definitely, Alcorcón had shaken the domain.

Alcorcon kept growing. Without going crazy, but each time with more conviction. They only needed two or three passes to get to the opposite side before a Depor increasingly compact. Too many comfortable passes behind the defense. Enough to create more clear chances. Alcorcón had clear opportunities, doing more merits than Cordoba and Murcia to add. Both won with much less. Caprices of football, whose fortune smiled yesterday to the home team. The best, the three points. Not to mention the revival of Marchena, called to bring order to the defense, a like that was surpassed in yesterday’s game, especially in the second act. Depor struggled to hold the 1-0, even with a defense of five men. Miraculously broke the jinx at the Riazor. Much needs to be improved. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: More points, looking worse. Until yesterday, Depor had dominated the home meetings and Los Blanquiazules had arrived much better than the visitors to the last stretch of the matches. Moreover, Fernando Vazquez’s team had enjoyed most of the scoring opportunities and got sabotaging almost all of their rivals. The balance of such superiority: zero points from a possible six disputed at the Riazor. The coach, sick of the worrying bleeding, announced a change. The revolution was complete. He changed the scheme, his team didn’t have the ball and neither the opportunities, it arrived pretty tired to the last half hour ... And they won.

The 4-4-2 worked by Fernando Vazquez throughout the week suffered from the same problems already suffered by the 4-2-3-1. A simple change in the drawing is not going to transform midfielders like Culio and Juan Carlos into pure wingers. The Argentine got tired to perform at the sides and fell again and again to receive the ball at midfield to run unprofitable. The Galician was virtually disappeared, except to return the ball to Juan Dominguez in the play that meant the 1-0. Contribution infinitely superior to the one of the theoretical second striker. Now news from Arizmendi since his brilliant debut against Las Palmas. Yesterday he was awkward on the rare occasions when the ball arrived at his feet (especially at the start of the second part). The two playmakers generated more danger in the few minutes in which Luis Fernández accompanied  Borja.

Also as in the games against Cordoba and Murcia, the funnel generated against Alcorcón’s area was conducive to the incursions of the full-backs. However, Laure’s crosses from the right, and Manuel Pablo on the left, never found the target. The limited offensive success is disabling the wings. The new scheme also rested options to Juan Dominguez in order to make passes. It reduced from three to two the members of a second line each time Culio chose to go to midfield in the attempt to find the ball. With the Argentine out of place, the gap was huge and the opponent enjoyed of the needed space to manage the output of the ball without stress, getting the ball possession and transforming into counterattacks each error from the locals. Not even at El Molinón Vazquez’s team lost the consistency (at least until the first goal allowed). Yesterday, the Galicians started well planted at the Riazor, but after the goal only the errors of Alcorcón at the moment of attempting on target, and the very wise interventions of Insua and Manuel Pablo, saved the victory.

When the game ended the coach acknowledged that his players had arrived to the last stretch of the match lacking force. With the ball under control of the opponent, the wear of Los Blanquiazules rose and there are players who begin accusing not making a proper pre-season (some, like Culio, finished exhausted). In addition, the opposing teams start to neutralize the initial difference that in some cases had been given by the demanding preparation. Xurxo Fernández.

AS: Riazor celebrates the first win of the season. Deportivo managed their first win of the season in front of an Alcorcón that went from less to more and paid dearly for their lack of accuracy. Álvarez’s team collided again and again against the Galician defense and, after a major league start, they now accumulate three straight defeats.

The start of the match was the staging of all that Fernando Vázquez had rehearsed during the week. Switch in the system to bet on a 4-4-2 to improve in the pressure and the arrival. The plan on the board was perfect for the Castrofeito-born manager, because the ball just ran in one direction: the goal of Giménez. The best football and domain had its reward at the 13th minute, when a combination of Juan Dominguez and Juan Carlos ended with a shot inside the area to see Depor clamming the lead.

Riazor was enjoying, but with the lead on the scoresheet the Galicians made a step back and Alcorcón were feeling more comfortable as their contact with the ball was increased. Pacheco, Christian and the set-pieces frightened the fans at the stands, but Los Alfareros were unable to capitalize the opportunities against a crouching opponent.

In the second half the domain of Alcorcón was even more evident, but the result was the same. Pacheco brushed the Olympic goal, but the post crossed his path. Then it was Fernando Sales, who forgave two good chances against German Lux to bring joy to a Riazor that, at last, celebrated a victory. Luis de La Cruz



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