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26 Sep 2013
Coach Fernando Vázquez admitted the problems at the wingers’ position and also talked of the B players that trained at the first team during Tuesday. He also admitted the team missed freshness for the past game against AD Alcorcón.

Since this week coach Fernando Vázquez will be addressing the media twice a week, firstly at the middle of the preparations for the meetings and later the typical press conference one day before the liga matches. On this opportunity it was a long conversation with reporters that lasted nineteen minutes. The Galician tactician is optimistic towards the situation with the injured players and also talked of the next rival, Hércules CF. He also admitted the problems with the wingers’ position. The following is the resume of the press conference.

“They trained with us. Neither was I searching for something special. I have casualties at the first team and want to always have twenty players for the trainings, so I seized the opportunity to look these youngsters that I like. Neither ask me what I saw, because I don’t want to be hurried. I like these kids, they have interesting things, but Óscar is too young, Ángel too and I want to see them showing themselves. Making them think this is real and that, in a few years, this could be their place. I believe this way of thinking will make them more professional. I want to see them thinking that the doors of the first team are wide open. Anyway the important thing is that I needed players in order to complete two squads.”

“Except from Núñez, I believe the rest will be available tomorrow. Marchena was dragging a problem, but the rest are fine. We expected Luisinho could be ready for tomorrow, but will delay his incorporation until Friday. Arizmendi will be there for sure. Kaká is already fine and Cañizares [Cañi] will join the group tomorrow or Thursday, so many people are joining the team. I expect that by the weekend only Núñez will be off.”

“Last week was different as there was a double session, the content was also different. There were more training matches and we trained at the stadium on Friday and Saturday. The volume was a little high. The intensity will always be high. The responsibility of the coach is to have a fresh squad for the weekend. We need to train, but also knowing that we need to be fresh for the weekend. Last Sunday we weren’t fine, it’s true and it was for different reasons.”

“On the past weekend I said that I didn’t like the team. Probably by now my criticism would have been lower. It always happen the same to me. I see things worse at the beginning than when I re-watch the game on TV. I am more demanding at the moment the games are played.”

THE 4-1-4-1 SYSTEM
“We will keep working with it. I am not discontent at 100%. In the game the system worked for the first twenty minutes and I was happy. The 4-1-4-1 system will be used, but don’t know if now. These are decisions I should make. I didn’t see Rudy at the top and if you decide to change a player, and If you don’t have a proper substitute, then you can switch the system and there’s no problem about it. Culio wasn’t a winger on last game and Wilk was acting as number ten, the same than Juan Carlos. The idea was to see the side defenders joining the attack, sort or less.”

“Before he was a winger and is used to the position, he lost the ball many times on last game, but it has nothing to do with the fact of been playing towards the wing or not. He lost the ball in many opportunities and didn’t feel fine. Culio is a disciplined player. I already knew Culio when he landed on here, so much that I directly put him at the centre since the beginning, while Rudy and Arizmendi were at the wings. My idea of the team was to have Culio and Juan Dominguez at the centre.”

“The deadline to make a judgment is three months. It’s very hard to make conclusions on this league. The data is saying that what I thought at the beginning was right. We need to wait for three months, because at that point the lineups will be clearer and the potential will be defined. We would be able to predict with a certain success. I just hope we can be among the good ones at that point.”

“Truly I don’t have players for that position. If Arizmendi and Rudy aren’t fit to play then there are no substitutes. If we can sign two or three players like this then it will be wonderful. The potential will be higher and the team will have bigger chances of climbing positions. We passed from been, last year, a team that plays on the sides with Bruno and Pizzi, perfect players for the counterattack and with velocity, to now be a more attacking team, but without a proper link as we are missing aim with the passes. The team is missing accuracy regarding creating offensive plays. Defensively we are solid.”

“I still have the hope the club will be able to convince who needs to be convinced. We need players as the team is short. It’s evident.”

“Laure and Manuel Pablo need to improve, because playing in this form they will have a bigger responsibility in offense. We all need to improve in order to create more scoring opportunities. Nothing happens if a full-back is attacking, because the midfielders can help in defense. Four coordinated players can defend pretty well.”

“All the options are possible. From changing the players to switch the scheme.”

“I understand the fans are happy to have Marchena at the team. I understand the fans are content with the arrival of Marchena. We are thankful to Marchena for been here with us. If last week he was picked to the team it was because he was fit to play for a certain number of minutes. He can teach many things to our youngsters. He likes to be with them and I’m thankful for that. All the teams need leaders and Marchena is one of them.”

“If you know Quique [Hernández] then you should know that he’s an offensive coach. A coach that knows how to play and that goes out searching for the rival. It’s a team that will be there in the fight, because it’s complicated playing at home. It’s difficult. The loss in Ponferrada is something that can happen, but for me the difference on the scoresheet wasn’t normal. When you lose like that then it doesn’t mean you will be dangerous on the next game, because you are more dangerous when you are in-form.”

“I don’t think this will affect the team. We know who we are: we are the sporting part of the club. We must fight all together and the administration part should be decided by the ones that must decide, in this case the shareholders of Deportivo. My obligation is to make the team and remain sidelined from the situation. We aren’t the shareholders of the club and should stay aside from the subject. The owners of the club must decide this. I am one more employee and don’t want to be involved in an election that doesn’t correspond to me”



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