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27 Sep 2013
Midfielder Álex Bergantiños emphasized that Deportivo struggles when the rivals takes the lead during the games; he also believes that Depor have had a good start in the league and that the physical preparation of the team is correct.

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media on Thursday; he analyzed the current situation at Segunda and talked of the status of the team before the trip to Alicante. He started talking of Hércules CF, “We are seeing an equal league; the difference of points is minimal. They reinforced the team with experienced players on this league and surely will be a hard rival at their own stadium, just like any other visit on this tournament.”

“Each game is different, perhaps they have been tenser after the big loss of last Sunday, but I believe that you will always have intensity on the pitch. Perhaps they could have doubts if we take the lead in the scoresheet as they are coming from a defeat, but in the end the last result won’t have any influence.” He added.

Later he talked again about Depor feeling more uncomfortable in the home meetings, “We need to fix some things; clearly we did some things badly in the last game and we already talked about it. We won and that’s what we needed, the games outside home are different, perhaps the team is feeling more comfortable in this kinds of games as it was already noticed it. We must try to correct the things that are failing at the Riazor.”

“Outside home the team dominates or instead stop to think to realize how things are, we feel more comfortable as we didn’t’ suffer the scoring opportunities from the rival. In the last game we felt the agony of trying to  finally keep a good result at home and it was hard for the team to have the ball possession, which is you normally try to do when you play at home.” The former Fabril added.

The Galician midfielder is convinced that this is a tough competition, which can also be applied to big part of the Primera competition, “There are teams like Mallorca and Zaragoza that had a negative start and are now climbing positions, it seemed Sporting was the best team, but it was already seen how they lost the last time. People say that two years ago things were different, because there were teams like Celta and Valladolid that were superior, but now the difference between promotion and relegation will be lower. It happens the same at Primera as, apart from the first three places, the rest are separated by only a few points. It brings emotion to the competition.”

“At Segunda it’s difficult to overcome a result when you are behind on the scoresheet; there are no players that can decide a game with their individual moves and the collective aspect prevails. We know it is like this and will try to take the lead, so it will be easier to win the games.” He added.

About the current situation of the team, the ex-captain of Deportivo B commented that, “The team is fine at defense, when we take the lead then the team feels more comfortable and it turns to be difficult to create scoring opportunities against us. It’s the opposite when we play at home, because it turns to be difficult to overcome a situation when the rival takes the lead on here. We are trying to work with this; we must try to be more fluent, to find the needed depth in attack.”

Asked if he’s ready to play again as a centre-back, the respond was, “I only think of what they order me. I already said that I was a centre-back at the youth teams, I still think my best position is to be a centre midfielder, but if I have to play as a centre-back then I am enchanted. I do my best and if I have to play there, there’s no problem. What I want is to play no matter the position. The coach will decide what the best for Sunday’s game is.”

There has been some comments regarding the physical preparation of the team, Álex said that the whole team is physically prepared for the games, “The coach already talked about it, perhaps last week we didn’t low the physical charge and it affected us, the heat was also high and Alcorcón is a rival that pushed a lot; they were putting the ball behind the defenders and it forced us to run. It isn’t an excuse as the team is physical prepared for the games. We must try to have that spark on Sundays in order to play well.”

About the problems of Depor with the set-pieces, the comment was, “In Las Palmas we won with a goal scored in a set-piece; I think the fouls that caused the set-pieces that led to our defeats on here, especially the one committed against Murcia, were avoidable. We need to improve with the marks and must try to block the strategy of the rival. These are problems related to the cohesion of the group and the youth of the squad. We knew this could happen and we already have nine points, I believe we have had a good start and since this point the team needs to grow up and adjust some things.”

Finally, Bergantiños said that the players and the coaching staff must stay aside of the upcoming elections, “The fact that affects the most the players is the bankruptcy, but we already passed the most critical phase, now I think things will be calmer as soon as the agreement with the creditors is signed. The elections must be normal, now it’s time to see if the same president continues or not, and I say that it must be natural. We will be sidelined from this. It depends on the shareholders to determine who should continue at the club. If it’s the same president then I will be enchanted, and if a new one arrives then we’ll have to adapt to the new one.”



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