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28 Sep 2013
Pablo Insua offered an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the centre-back is one of the five players that have disputed all the possible minutes in liga. He confessed that wasn’t expected this after been promoted from Fabril.

Q: It looks like you haven’t noticed the change for been playing at the first team.
A: The difference is big for been passing from Tercera to Segunda División, particularly for the stadiums and the level of the rivals. At the moment I'm finding myself more or less comfortable and always want to be better, but the important thing is to keep the level shown so far.

Q: Fernando Vazquez described you as someone he can trust.
A: It’s clear that the coach always gave me great confidence. That makes you grow up.

Q: Did you find it difficult to integrate into the team?
A: Maybe for being big part of the past season training with them you can get into the dynamic of a professional team. This year, as you are feeling comfortable, you already know what’s there.

Q: Is it helps to be surrounded by several partners from the B squad that also have made the jump this season?
A: It makes the adaptation easier, but overall the whole group makes it easier.

Q: Do you think the club would have taken the step of relying in the academy in other circumstances?
A: Maybe for the current circumstances the bet in the academy is bigger. It’s an open question whether they would have relied more or not. Now they’re doing it and hopefully it will continue like this.

What’s the reason for the defensive performance within these games?
A: From the first day of the pre-season the coach put great emphasis on defensive work and we’re translating it into the pitch. The team is working and running together. Ultimately this is rewarded with only a few goals conceded so far.

Q: Do you think the team is where it deserves on this start to the season?
A: It has been proved that the league is very equal. We have three victories and three losses and yet we are two points behind the second place. It’s possible that in another five or six matchdays we could know how the situation will be.

Q: How do you hide on the field that shyness which characterizes you?
A: Every player needs to have a bit of character to be on the field, but you pass over it. Once you're playing you relax and do what you know, forgetting the outside world around you. Perhaps that shyness I may have disappears on the field.

Q: Didn’t you feel intimidated?
A: In the first games I felt a little pressure. I'm not used to play before 30,000 spectators or in slightly hostile fields, but you get used to it. When you spend the first few minutes of a game, and you are concentrated, you forget everything, I do not think it's something that affects any player.

Q: Did you expect to be a fixed player for the coach at this stage of the tournament?
A: I dreamed it. Without having played before, I wasn’t expecting to play every minute.



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