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03 Oct 2013
Paco Zas is the first candidate to the presidency that publicly presented his proposal to the shareholders of Deportivo. He will keep coach Fernando Vázquez, but promises to change several things, including the club’s model.

A lot of expectation in the city of A Coruña as, for the first time in twenty-five years, an organized alternative to president Lendoiro was presented to the public. Francisco Martinez Zas, aka Paco Zas presented during the morning his team work and the strategy to command a club that’s passing through a delicate moment.

Zas is 52; he was a member of the youth teams during the 1980’s (between Infantil A and Fabril) and even had the opportunity to play once with the first team at Segunda División. Later he became a businessman better known for been the director of Coinasa, a construction company that’s also the sponsor of Liceo, the hockey club in A Coruña.

His work team is composed by five persons: Esperanza Peñalosa López-Pin (finances and administration), Pablo Ruiz Cuadrado (commercial area), Darío Díaz Pineda (legal area), Alberto Méndez Rodriguez (youth teams) and Jesús Chapela Rey (social & institutional area).

The slogan of the campaign is ”Deportivistas como tú” (Deportivo’s supporters like you). The agenda is composed by eleven points:
1- Signing of the agreement to pay the debt and viability plan: they want an important forgiveness of the debt and a long deadline to make the payments. They also request that the president that signs the deal would be the one that must fulfill it.
2- Club values: they promise to include all the Depor’s supporters in the making of their decisions.
3- Shareholders: they promise that all the important decisions will be consulted first with the shareholders.
4- Sporting project: the base will be the youth teams of Deportivo. The club will continue to buy players, but without paying amounts that cannot be afforded. Among the things promised is to have a network of scouts, to have a special treatment for the foreign youngsters, a female team and that Fabril are going to play the home games at the Riazor. They also want to suppress the teams competing in “Futbol 8 leagues” and reorganize the level of Alevines.
5- Structure of the club: There will be a General Director and more delegation of the functions. The main goal is to fulfill the needs of the shareholder.
6- Economic gesture: The club will try to maximize the incomes generated in the games played at Abegondo and the Riazor. The relation with the subsidiaries will be studied, though the club won’t resurrect Sportpaper Depor Sport.
7- Commercialization plan: The club will impulse the commercial use of the Riazor and Abegondo, the goal is to increase the incomes generated at both installations; there’s even the possibility of hosting birthday parties at Abegondo
8- RCD Foundation: The club will create this foundation in order to promote the presence of Deportivo in the society. The goal is to promote physical activities as an important aspect of social integration.
9- Peñas: They promise is to increase the support to the peñas, even giving them a spot at the headquarters of the club.
10- Mobility: The club will impulse the use of buses and taxis for the games played at the Riazor and Abegondo, implementing formulas aimed at energy independence, which in turn can lead to an economic return in the medium term.
11- History: The candidacy plans to increase the resources in order to impulse the “sentimiento deportivista” and the history of the club.

Paco Zas during the press conference

Paco Zas presenting his team work

During the press conference, Zas criticized current president Lendoiro for his salary and for allowing the growth of the club’s debt, “The year 2013 is going to be remembered as one of the more nefarious years in the history of Deportivo. We entered into an administration process when it was impossible to breath. We understand that’s time for the takeover.”

“Lendoiro has put his personal interests before to the ones of Deportivo and he should call for elections as soon as possible, because we need to reach an agreement with the creditors as soon as possible. With us in charge, the board of directors will decide the wages of the president, because the current salary is excessive, but we must raise the wages of the advisors, apart from the fact that currently there are only three, and it’s too little.” He added.

Zas described the proposed model for Depor, "Deportivo need to be a club based in the academy as a philosophy of the team, not as an opportunity. We want to talk of football. Depor haven’t had a model in recent years; we don’t know what we want to be. We want to lay the basis for stability of the club, to excite people and say to the fans that what they deserve is a stable spot at Primera Division with hope, enthusiasm and sacrifice. It will be a management team that will meet their obligations, austere in the spending and having the obsession of increasing the income using criteria of a business and a club. "

About the dramatic situation with the club’s debt and the negotiating with the creditors, he stated that, “The debt has been multiplied by 100 within the last 25 years and for this reason we need an important forgiveness of the debt. We don’t only need a high percentage, but also a long deadline to pay the debt. And we need viability too. Who could think that Deportivo can live having a debt of 150 million Euros? It’s unbearable.”

The candidate also said that it hasn’t been decided the roles at the club and if the people currently working at Depor will continue, but assured that Fernando Vázquez will continue to be the coach, “We respect the employees of the club as we don’t know yet how they are currently working. We haven’t decided anything yet about the jobs, but Fernando Vázquez will continue as the coach if I’m elected as the president, though he has a weird contract.” He also denied any link with Fran, “I can rule out any link with Fran in my project.”

Finally, Paco Zas expects to win the elections despite admitting not having the confirmed support of the major shareholders, “None of the twelve major shareholders have promised me their vote and I already spoke to them. I hope the veterans of Depor will support me. In any case I’m convinced that I’m going to win despite our current difficulties.”



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