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17 Aug 2006
Lionel Scaloni is pushing for a solution. The Argentinean has changed his speech during the last hours; now affirming that he will continue in the Galician squad. Scaloni also assures that he will enjoy one of the 25 available spots for la liga. His press conference was full of criticism against Caparr??s and Lendoiro.

Depor's ex-captain was wishing to obtain his freedom in order to join West Ham United, but Lendoiro was hoping to get a monetary compensation as exchange. For that reason he asked Scaloni to forgive part of the debt that the club has with him. Lionel didn't accept it. Yesterday the Argentinean talked with Caparr??s and communicated his decision of continuing in Depor.

To make the case worse, Caparr??s responded that he doesn't have room in the squad for Scaloni. In fact, the Sevillan coach assured during this conversation, that Lendoiro gave him his word: Scaloni will go out of the team. Now Lionel is trapped within two fires: the club that doesn't want to get rid of him, and the coach who doesn't wants him in the squad.

With this in mind, Scaloni gave a press conference to explain his point of view: "The coach has said to me that he doesn't want to see me, not even training with the squad. The president will have to do something, because if I have to leave, the club must accept some conditions that haven't been accepted yet. The coach says that's impossible, that the club will accept my demands, because it's a promise made to him. So, I only know that the president is the one who decides. I know that, you know that, and if the coach doesn't know it, it's because he believes that he is the only one possessing the absolutely truth, but Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro is the only one who has it, and the coach has to understand it."

Scaloni continued with his criticism against the club and the coach for the way in which his case was handled: "I know that my exit was a secure thing since 5 or 6 months ago, and the media has been talking about it since 4 or months ago. If you want to sell a player and obtain a good price, you have to manage the case with silence and taking advantage of the fact that I played the World Cup. This is another thing that I already discussed with the coach."

The Argentinean is also convinced that nobody will present an offer for his services: "The coach says to the president: Get rid of Scaloni. But he has to explain how to do it, because there aren't interesting offers for me, and I am sure that we will not have them. Sometimes I have trained apart, sometimes I don't, but this is a very ugly situation, because we have given everything for this club. Sometimes it's better to cede. I guess that they are trying to solve the situation, but right now everything is stopped."

Finally, Scaloni said that his continuity in Depor is a thing that he has in mind: "I am saying that I will continue in this team. It's a weird situation, but it doesn't depend on me. I am also sure that I will enjoy a spot in the final list for la liga, that's for sure because the law obligates the club to do it."

Lionel Scaloni isn't the only headache for Lendoiro. Right now he still waiting for a solution to Acu?±a, Pablo Amo, Duscher and Diego Trist??n. The first three cases seem to be easier. The club and the Paraguayan midfielder have agreed that the best thing to do, is to give the freedom to the player, the only thing left is to negotiate the economic aspect. The case with Pablo Amo is also very positive. He is now training with the first squad and has surpassed his injury, it was known that a Segunda club will try to sign him during the next week.

The case with Duscher is also clear, he has five offers over the desk (two from Spain and three from foreign countries). Both parties will study the case carefully and will have a final answer before Wednesday. In any case, Caparr??s has said that Duscher has a secure spot if he finally stays in the club. Who is still waiting for an exit is Trist??n. Bolton's boss, Sam Allardyce, has refused any interest in the striker although that he said that the Sevillan is an interesting option for his squad.

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