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04 Oct 2013
Polish midfielder Cezary Wilk is getting used to A Coruña and Spanish football; he understands that Depor cannot fail anymore at the Riazor and targets the victory for the upcoming clash against CD Mirandés.

Cezary Wilk addressed the media on Thursday. He talked to reporters answering the inquiries in English while later his comments were translated by his Spanish teacher. The midfielder is aware that Deportivo need to be a strong team at home, this after losing two of the first three home meetings, “Off course; it’s always good to win. We need to start winning. We are coming after clinching two straight wins and I hope that in the next games we will keep doing it.”

“Yes, off course, I understand that a team like Deportivo needs to start winning at home. I also understand that what we need is to score many goals, to bring a show for the public. I understand that we need to start winning and want to try it.” He added regarding the issue.

There was a question regarding his exit and later return into the starting lineup; he didn’t give importance to it, “I don’t think about it all the time. I’m only thinking about the next game. I only think of the team and that’s it.”

He was targeting the victory in the upcoming clash against CD Mirandés, “In the next game we are playing at home and it doesn’t matter who’s coming, because we need to win after losing two times in front of our fans and that’s too much.”

Later the Polish player was explaining his first experiences in A Coruña after been living in the city for two months, “This is a great city to live; you enjoy life on here, there are many restaurants, pubs, a wonderful beach and a lot of stuff.”

About the comparison between Spain and Poland, the former Wisła Kraków player commented that, “Yes, there are many differences between the Spanish and the Polish football. These are two very different worlds. I Poland you need to run, to fight at any time and press, and on here it’s all about having the ball, to play and touch it.”

Finally, Wilk revealed a funny story as he confessed that during the games he talks in English and Spanish with the players, but in Polish in front of the referees, “Yes. I play with a vantage. Sometimes I say some things in Polish and no one understands me. It’s a good thing [he laughed].”



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