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18 Aug 2006
Yesterday it was Scaloni, today it's Diego Trist??n the one reclaiming his situation in Caparr??s' squad. The Sevillan striker spoke in a press conference about his current state in the team. He isn't thinking of leaving Spain and he also criticised Caparr??s, apparently Trist??n believes that the coach is responsible for his situation in Deportivo.

Trist??n and Deportivo have been negotiating in order to find a exit for the Sevillan striker He wants to obtain his freedom and also wants to receive a part of the salary he would earn during the next two years (his contract ends in 2008). The club was wishing to obtain some cash with him, but it has been impossible to find an interesting offer for Trist??n although Celtic, Fenerbahce and Bolton get interested in him.

The offer of Bolton Wanderers seemed to be the final solution, but Trist??n denied this possibility in the press conference: "Some people say that I am nuts. Maybe, but I don't wish to play outside of Spain. The major part of my team mates are calling me a fool, that the money is the only thing that matters in football, but my idea is another one. People have hurt me when they say that I am not able anymore to play good football, and I want to demonstrate that I can still be playing in la liga."

Trist??n explained what's the solution to this case according to his criteria: "Unfortunately everything is still the same. We don't have more offers and I have tried everything in order to convince the club, it's clear that I can't forgive the terms of my contract, the other clubs doesn't want to pay me the same salary that I earn here, for that reason I need the help of Deportivo in order to obtain my freedom. Neither of the clubs that have talked with me are wishing to negotiate with Depor. They want me for free and save some money in this way. If I don't obtain my freedom, they will not negotiate with me."

The striker is even offering to avoid any contact with the biggest clubs in Spain in order to obtain the so desired freedom: "Maybe these clubs aren't too important, they aren't playing the Champions League or in Europe, I explained the case to the club, I even offered to sign a document promising not to negotiate with any of the big clubs in la liga. The six, seven, eight clubs in which Deportivo doesn't want to see me."

But Trist??n is also contemplating the possibility of staying in Deportivo, the striker is even assuring that he will have one of the 25 spots for la liga: "Does someone have doubts about my spot in the squad? It's foolish to think that I will not have a place on it. With my wages is impossible to be without it. Let's see if the coach comes here and tell us that he doesn't have a place for Trist??n, and on Sunday or Tuesday we will see what happens."

Finally, Trist??n discharged his fury against Caparr??s. The Sevillan marksman thinks that the coach is responsible for his current situation: "The coach has put his hands in an issue that isn't his business, and Caparr??s must rectify his position. The first mistake was not to allow us to train with the other players, that situation affects our value in the market and the other clubs aren't interested in our services anymore." The media in Spain has also confirmed that Trist??n rejected the offer from Bolton, it seems that Trist??n wants to sign for Betis, Mallorca, Recreativo or with N??stic. But first he must obtain his freedom. What will be the response of the club?

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