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10 Oct 2013
Depor’s coach is content with the performance at defense, but confessed that he would prefer to be stronger in attack. Meanwhile, he confirmed that Antonio Núñez and Marchena are fine, but that will play until the Copa match.

Coach Fernando Vázquez offered his mid-week press conference; it took place in Abegondo and lasted fifteen minutes. As always the Galician coach didn’t reveal his plans for the coming game against Barcelona B, but assured that Marchena and Antonio Núñez won’t be starters as the duo will be tested in the Copa Del Rey clash against Real Jaén. He also talked of the current situation of the team regarding been the best defensive in the league and at the same time one of the worst offensive lines. The following is a resume of the main things said by the coach.

 “They could be ready, yes, they could be at the lineup, actually they… evidently they are still treating their problems, but their feelings are better than before starting the treatment. They will continue working and it won’t be a novelty. In the case of Luisinho it won’t be a novelty as he already played before as a starter.”

 “It’s something already trained. The only thing changing is the situation of Juan Dominguez regarding Wilk, but it’s a structure already trained during the pre-season. We started like that in Las Palmas. It’s already prepared. I cannot tell you if we are going to play like that, because I train some things during the week and later I’ll decide at the last-minute what are we going to use in Barcelona. We’ll win more depth as we have players for the wing as Luisinho, Antonio Núñez and Rudy. Before we missed depth as the player performing there was waiting for the incorporation of the full-back. In the home games we missed depth and our dominion was sterile. I hope we can change this now.”

“I see Luisinho as a left-back, but can also play as a winger. I see that Luisinho has enough quality to perform on that position. It’s a real possibility to see him playing as a winger. I believe he has the skills for the job as he has the depth, ability to make passes and penetration by his side. He won’t suffer playing there.”

“We signed Rudy for the wing, okay? His second position can be the playmaking function or even as a striker. Clearly he has great skills and the other day he made a great game, but if the scheme forces him to be more attached to the centre then he needs to get used to it. His mobility can give a more central role to Culio.”

“I think he will be ready for October 16, I mean the day of the Copa. I want to see him and judge his competitive level. Probably it will be his first game as a starter.”

“I received the news with joy and sadness. Joy, because I want to see Depor’s kids succeeding and feeling appreciated, but in the other side, and this is a long discussion coming from the past, if you have good players and performing at Segunda then you are in disadvantage, because we bring the players to the national team and the competition isn’t stopping. Fortunately we play against Barca B, side that’s also missing players, but it remains to be discriminatory for Segunda División. The Primera competition stops, but not the Segunda tournament. You lose important players and are playing for your life. It should be possible to delay these games. I already explained this argument when I was at Betis. You must have the chance to stop when you give players to the national team. The rivals have their whole squad available and you end losing an important player.”

“What I said on Marchena can also be applied for Núñez. He’s fine and did a great recovery job. Now he needs hard work. Antonio Núñez is earning confidence. One week is left for the match in Copa and surely will have minutes, so he can gain pace.”

“Yes, the other day we failed in the lateral free-kick. We’re trying to get a repertory according to how the rivals defend. We need to improve this factor and I’m sure we are going to do it. Not everything is strategy. The 30% of the goals are set-pieces and we need to work the strategy, which is different to simply throw a set-piece. It’s a hard wok to do and sometimes you don’t get the expected yield from it.”

“I only talked to Culio after the training, but not later; neither with him nor with Luisinho. I didn’t request to talk to Culio. Nothing happened. Just a bad word during the session and later a negative reply. The training was already over. It ended at that point, but it was time to end the training. These are normal things. This is an impressive group and there’s no problem between the players. The good guys are boring [he smiled] what we need to ask to Culio is to win and improve.”

“Probably I will prefer to be the best scorer in the league, but the reality is different and I’m content for been the team that has allowed the lesser number of goals, which is also important. But the important thing isn’t to be the best score or the best defense, the important thing is the relation goal allowed-goal scored. I want to see an invincible team.  We’ve the ball possession and our current problems are to create scoring chances. We are capable of dominating the games and don’t face problems at the Riazor. I am one of the coaches that think that, in order to have a strong attack, you need to be extraordinary at defense. There are teams that have an extraordinary attack, but before they have an extraordinary defense. In this sense we have the half of the work done and we have a lot of room for improvement.”

“Cleary they know what they are going to do. If you watch Barca then you are watching Barca B, because it’s the same style. From that point these are youngsters with an impressive potential. With great quality and very fast. They are dangerous and play football unconsciously. They don’t think too much of the consequences of the results. They enjoy of football and therefore are dangerous.”



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