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23 Oct 2013
Manuel López Cascallar presented his candidacy to Depor’s presidency on Tuesday. B It’s a young group of professionals that are trying to change the club. He promised to base the project of the club in the academy and the socios.

A new candidate to Depor’s presidency has emerged: Manuel López Cascallar. He presented his candidacy on Tuesday at the press room of the Riazor. This is a movement that was born at the end of July as the club lived critical moments due to the conflict with the players. The name of the group is ‘odeporsomosnos’ [“Depor are us”] and already have a website.

The characteristics of the candidacy is that the members are very young (all of them below the 40’s) and also that they want to base the project in the socios and especially in the academy. Manuel López Cascallar has a Master degree in Occupational Health and Safety and has been working in human resources for twelve years. He’s 35.

There are other four persons that support the candidacy. It isn’t clear the role of these persons in case of winning the elections. They are: José Parada Rodriguez (35, General Manager), Rocio Fraga Iglesias (36, Computer Engineer), Carlos López Cascallar (34, Computer Engineer) and José Luis Bergondo Vázquez (36, Administrative Technician).

The project is based in four pillars:

1- Economic plan: they want to sign a deal with the creditors in which the deadline will be between 10 and 20 years, plus forgiven at least the 50% of the not privileged debt. They also want to fix an amount to pay the debt according to the league where Depor are playing. They propose to use at least the 50% of the money generated by the transfer of players in paying the debt. Finally they promise that the economy will be managed with rigor, transparency and austerity.

2- Sporting plan: the club will be directed with a three-year plan, there will be a sporting manager and the base will be the academy. Deportivo would scout the best talents in Galicia and the base of the first team will be the B team players, this no matter the economic situation of the club. They also promise to revise the current contracts of the best talents at the academy.

3- Club’s professionalization: They offer a reorganization of the club, the chart isn’t defined, but the goal is to define and redefine the roles of the employees, emphasizing the online sales of merchandise and to search for other sources of money through the merchandising, which include using the peñas.

4- To give back the control to the shareholder and the socio: This candidacy emphasizes the importance of the shareholder and the socio. They promise to revitalize the links with these two groups and to make decisions according to their opinion.

López Cascallar (in the middle) and his team

During the press conference, López Cascallar explained how he decided to run for the elections, “After what happened on July 31, after the anger, it was then that we decided to make a step forward. My only reason to be here today is my love for the club. I wouldn’t be here if someone else could be searching for the same thing that I do. Lendoiro is a magician, in the whole meaning of the word. His first part in the job was positive, but time wears you down.”

He was very clear since the beginning about the base of his project, “Our idea is to have a club based in the academy. That’s why we have prepared a plan. Our sporting idea is to create a club based in the youngsters; this no matter the financial situation is good or bad. We would have scouts across Galician football and we want a team formed at the academy. The best youth players of Galicia must be at Deportivo.”

The other base of the project is the relation with the shareholders and the socios, “The real owners of the club are the socios and the fans. We will study any proposal that’s supported by 500 socios or by 1,000 fans. Our plans isn’t totally closed, any new idea could be incorporated.” He said.

This is the third candidate that presents his candidacy after German Conchado and Paco Zas. Current president, Augusto César Lendoiro, didn’t want to talk of the subject after Sunday’s game, though before he already confirmed that he will run for the re-election. Another candidate that’s about to emerge is Tino Fernández. He’s the founder and president of Altia, a media company from A Coruña that’ also the fourth-highest shareholder of Deportivo. He could be presenting his program early in November.



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