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29 Oct 2013
Unbelievable outcome at Abegondo. After a boring first part the second half turned to be really exciting. The visiting team was winning 0-2 at the 75’, but the entry of Iago Beceiro changed the game and he saved a point for Depor B.

Coach José Luis Devesa was recovering playmakers Jorge Romay and Álvaro Queijeiro, plus centre midfielder Ángel Fernández. At the same time playmaker Bicho and centre midfielder Paulo Teles were out as they were with the first team for the trip to Tenerife. Centre midfielder Uxío Marcos and striker Álex Pérez were out injured. But the big news was that striker Iago Beceiro was back. He had only played 30 minutes on this season and was going to be a factor in this meeting.

Devesa presented a new scheme on this game, a 4-3-2-1 with a trivote at midfield. The surprise was that Dani Iglesias was left on the bench. David Gómez was defending the goal, Quique Fornos performed at the right side of the defense, Aarón did it on the left, Stefan Deák and Róber were the centre-backs, Sidibé, Ángel Fernández and Adrián Martinez were the centre midfielders, Romay  and Óscar García were the playmakers and Cañi the central attacker.

The rival was CCD Cerceda, the impressive leader in the league that arrived to this game as one of the two undefeated teams in the group. Coach José Luis Lemos has several familiar faces at his team. In this game three of the starters are former Fabril players: centre-back Marcos Caridad, plus wingers Herbert Rey and Jorge Cano, the latter arrived to the game as the top-scorer in the Galician group at Tercera (eight goals in favour).

Incredible game at Abegondo. Fabril missed depth and fresh ideas in attack for 75 minutes, the rival clinched a 0-2 win and seemed closer to score a third goal, but everything changed with the entry of Iago Beceiro, who in twenty minutes turned things upside down to end grabbing a point for the locals.

Both halves were really different. The first was boring. The trivote of Devesa worked in defense as it was putting a lot of pressure over the best offense in the league (18 goals for CCD Cerceda before this match). The problem was that the team lacked ideas up front. Cañi was giving a sense of danger, but his only chance was a one-on-one action before visiting goalie Diego López that he sent wide (5’).

Neither CCD Cerceda were doing too much; they were also putting a lot of pressure to Fabril’s outcome of the ball and their only opportunity was an attempt of Dani Xelo that David Gómez barely controlled. However the visiting outfit scored the first goal before the half-time mark.  Jorge Cano showed up for the first time and released a low shot from 25 meters past Fabril’s goalie.

Things improved a lot for the second part, Sidibé couldn’t head properly a high cross of Cañi in a lateral free-kick (52’), four minutes later César Otero was close to score in a direct free-kick that was deflected by a defender, and in the next play the visiting team was going to score the second goal. It was a new free-kick after Deák handled the ball outside the area. Again the scorer was Jorge Cano with a curved shot that surprised David Gómez. The true is that the wall failed as they allowed the ball to pass into the box

Until this point in the game the visiting team had demonstrated maturity and the solidity of a leader, but neither was an spectacular performance to deserve a 0-2 advantage. Devesa switched the draw into a 4-4-2 after Iago Beceiro and Dai Iglesias replaced Adrián Martinez and Óscar García. In the first minutes after the change in the draw CCD Cerceda outplayed Fabril and even deserved to score the third goal with the attempts  ofDani (67’) –who missed a header from close range- and Herbert (69’), the latter a crossed shot saved by David Gómez.

Ironically the visiting team fell down just when they were playing better. And all of this was caused by one single player: Iago Beceiro. He changed the game in just twenty minutes. At the 70’ the polemic striker had his first attempt, and five minutes later he made a great play on the right wing to end assisting Dani Iglesias with a drilling cross, the striker just had to push the ball in at the far post.

At this point Remeseiro had already replaced Cañi while the visiting team was making the changes to protect the narrow win. But there was still room for a new shocker as Aarón Rama was assisted by Remeseiro at the left side of the area, the side defender sent a short cross that was deflected by goalie Diego López and luckily Beceiro was there to push the ball in from close range and release the celebration at Abegondo. The game was at its climax, but there were no more scoring opportunities.

Unpredictable game at Abegondo. Fabril rescued a point from nowhere facing the leader in the league after Iago Beceiro changed the game within the last twenty minutes. Cerceda were winning 0-2 at minute 74 and even had a big chance to score the third goal, but Depor’s youngsters reacted after a poor first half. In any case the result is insufficient and Depor B remain out of the promotion seats (one point below fourth place). On Thursday the tournament continues as Fabril host UD Barbadás (Abegondo, 20h15 CET).

Comments of José Luis Devesa: ”The lads overcame everything, especially the result. Those results are always a heavy burden and it often pulls you down, but today Fabril had the capacity to react against all odds.”

Deportivo B: (4-3-2-1) David Gómez - Fornos, Róber, Deák, Aarón - , Sidibé, Ángel Fernández, Adrián Martinez (Dani Iglesias 58’) - Óscar (Iago Beceiro 58’), Romay - Cañi (Remeseiro 76’).
Cerceda: (4-2-3-1) Diego López - Noé, Marcos Caridad, Angeriz, Juan - César Otero (Élmer 73’), Peloto (Javi Ramos 88’) - Cano, Granada, Hebert  - Dani (Jacobo Lezcano 81’)
Goals: 1-0: (42’) Jorge Cano, 2-0: (58’) Jorge Cano, 2-1: (75’) Dani Iglesias, 2-2: (84’) Iago Beceiro
Referee: Domínguez de Bernardi. He showed yellow card to Beceiro, Juan, Lezcano & César Otero.
Venue: Abegondo (1,000)




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