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30 Oct 2013
One of the more expected candidates for the upcoming elections at Deportivo has confirmed his candidacy: Constantino Fernández. He’s one of the biggest shareholders at the club and will present his program in two weeks.

Constantino ‘Tino” Fernandez Pico is the fifth candidate to the elections at Deportivo. He’s 47 and is the president and founder of the successful technology company Altia Consultores, which base is located in A Coruña. He’s also the 4th highest shareholder of the club as he owes the 0.98% of the club’s shares (just below Estrella Galicia, Varela Silvari Promociones & Luis Fernández Somoza).

His candidacy was highly expected as the A Coruña-born man is considered to be the main rival of current president Lendoiro. This since he already contacted other big shareholders and he could rest a lot of votes to the current Depor’s boss.

Tino Fernández will present his program at the middle of November, in the meantime he released a press statement in which it was confirmed his intentions in running for the elections. He gave five reasons for making this decision. The first is “His feelings as a Deportivista linked to his respect for the club.”

The second reason is “His condition of shareholder, which makes him conscious of the delicate moment lived by Deportivo and the disposition to design a model based in three axes: economic management, professionalization and the promotion of talent.”

A third reason is “The disposition to work in order to see Deportivo recovering the centrality and kindness with the environment and to transform it into a recognized brand in the world of football representing the values of Galicia and A Coruña.” The fourth reason is “To be able to count with a working team that combines Deportivismo, a high professional capacity, experience and hope.”

Finally, the statement explains that Tino Fernández also wants to be the president of Deportivo because “He wants to bring back the hope to the family of Deportivo with the inalienable goal of putting back the club at Primera División, always keeping the traditional values, including humility.”

Fernández is the fifth confirmed candidate for the elections. Three of them already presented their programs: Francisco Martinez ´Paco Zas, ´German Conchado and Manuel López Cascallar. Lendoiro also confirmed his presence, but hasn’t presented a program yet.

Until now it was believed that the elections were going to take place in December, just at the same time that the annual shareholders meeting, but on Tuesday, Radio Cadena SER (Coruña Deportiva) informed that the board of directors is planning to make the elections between February and March of next year, which means after signing the important deal with the creditors. However the same source informed that Tino Fernández doesn’t agree with this and that he will try to advance the elections so the new board of directors can negotiate the deal. In this way it’s remains uncertain the date for the elections. For the moment Fernández is requesting for an extraordinary shareholders meeting in order to ask for the resignation of Lendoiro and his board of directors.



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