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01 Nov 2013
Striker Borja Bastón is the top-scorer at Deportivo and the tenth best at Segunda. The Madrilenian is also the player at Liga Adelante with more shots, though he isn’t the one with the better precision. Still, he is the hope for the goals at Depor.

Deportivo are having big problems to score the goals on this season. The Galician have only netted nine goals after eleven league presentations, which is the worst mark among the first thirteen places at the standings. But no matter the problems there’s a striker calling up the attention: Borja Bastón.

The 21-year-old attacker has scored five of the nine goals in liga, reason why he’s the Pichichi at the team and the tenth best scorer at Liga Adelante 2013/14. Only behind Šćepović (9), Kike García (8), Arana (8), Viguera (8), Gerard Moreno (7), Jona (7), Fofo (6), Renella (6) & Miguel Linares (6). An interesting statistic is that Bastón arrived to Depor after matchday 02 as part of a complex deal with Atlético Madrid, which meant that he had little time for the adaptation.

Besides, the Madrilenian is the player with more shots in the whole Segunda División: 40. There are other seven players with at least 30 shots in the league: Šćepović (38), Kike Garcia (35), Curto (34), Viguera (33), Renella (32), Aridane (30) and Borja García (30).

However, one of the problems is his effectiveness, because only the 14 of his 40 shots (35%) met the target. It’s the third worst percentage among the eight players that have completed at least 30 attempts in the first eleven matches. Despite the lack of aim, Bastón is the main hope for the goals at Depor, especially after the club failed to sign a more veteran striker after the closure of the market.

On Thursday, the striker was interviewed by Radio Marca Galicia and confessed that he hadn’t noticed the problem with the aim, “I don’t notice it. For me it was a surprise when the statistic showed up and people told me about it. I never received the order in order to always end the plays with a shot; actually I try to pass the ball first if there’s a team-mate better placed.”

About his condition of top-scorer at the team, he said that, “I try to help the team and for a striker the best way to do it is to score goals. The most I can try to shot on target, the more chances of scoring a goal.” Borja also explained the competition inside the squad with Luis Fernández for the spot at the starting lineup, “Luis is working pretty well and we’ve a healthy fight for the spot. The important thing is the points and it’s necessary to have this competition. Truly we need more people in attack, but we are doing a nice job.”

Bastón is also convinced that Deportivo need to improve in attack if they want to climb some positions, “I believe the team gives everything at defense, and in offense it’s true that we are missing something and we are working on it. We must get the points at home. Truly I am a little alone up front as we are having problems to attack, but we are working on it.”

“The game at Tenerife was complicated, now we are trying to fix the errors and later make a good game at home against Castilla, a rival that arrives searching for the three points, but we must reinforce our position at home and pick up the points.” He finalized.



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