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08 Nov 2013
The latest injury of Wilk is a serious reminder of the limited resources at Deportivo for the present season. There are only 17 players available for the next two months, so at least one Fabril’s youngster will be joining the first team for the games.

Until this point the injuries had respected, sort of less, Deportivo. Only winger Álvaro Lemos was struggling with a long-term problem. After two and a half months of competition there were minor cases that complicated some positions during some matches, especially the centre of the defense, but the coach moved his pieces with criterion and it didn’t affect the performance of the team.

Now there’s a new long-term case: Cezary Wilk. The Polish midfielder will be out for two months with a toe fracture. This case is now reducing the number of available players to seventeen: sixteen plus Pablo Insua, who was inscribed as a B team player though he will always play with the senior squad.

This means that coach Fernando Vázquez will not be able to complete a list of picked players with men from the first team, at least during November and December. Within the period he will always have to pick someone from Fabril in order to fill up that gap.

Now there’s only one defensive midfielder at the team: Álex Bergantiños. It means that in the next two months, in case of an injury or suspension, Vázquez will have to improvise relocating a centre-back in the position or instead picking someone from Depor B.

It’s just a new reminder of the limited resources of Deportivo for the present season. The Segunda tournament is the longest football competition in Spain and the promotion aspirations of the Galician club are directly linked with the availability of the first team players. A plague of physical problems, like it has happened in the previous seasons, can seriously affect the promotion chances of the team. That’s why the club has been insisting in the necessity of making signings.



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