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09 Nov 2013
Deportivo are upset because they consider that RC Celta has been trying to take advantage of its financial situation in order to sign some of their best youngsters. The eye of the storm is Álex Rey, a midfielder that signed for Celta during the summer.

After a couple of years in which the relationship between Deportivo and RC Celta was ‘friendly’ now there’s a new dispute between both clubs. The financial problems of the Blanquiazul club invited Toni Otero, coordinator of Celta’s youth teams, to try to get some of the ‘pearls’ at Abegondo.

There are many reports of players that were contacted by Celta in order to make the switch to Madroa, luckily for Depor only one of them chose this path, the problem is that that player was one of the main gems at the academy: Alejandro Rey, a talented midfielder that last season was playing at Cadete A.

This season he’s performing for Celta Juvenil B and has had a solid performance, it was so good that he was even picked to Spain U16 squad. Deportivo didn’t like it and they understand that Celta broke a non-signed agreement in which both sides should respect the relation between the clubs and their youngsters.

During the summer Depor were trying to sign a contract with Rey, but he chose the proposition of RC Celta as it was much better. According to Marca president Lendoiro already wrote two letters to Celta’s president, Carlos Mouriño, protesting the “harassment” over the youngsters. The same source claims that he already answered replying that Celta were in its right to sign the player as he was ending his contract

Álex Rey during his stage at Depor

Marca also understands that Lendoiro is seriously thinking in breaking any relation with RC Celta. In the meantime, the agent of the player, César Porto, came out in order to defend the decision of Rey, ”We have been hearing about a nonaggression pact, but no agreement was broken. The signing for Celta was totally legal after we ended the negotiation with Depor. We understood that the offer of Depor wasn’t the best, actually it was the worst, both in a sporting and academic sense. There were many offers, including from foreign clubs. If they believed in Álex, then they could have made another effort.” He told to Marca.

And there could be a second and more explosive chapter in this story, because RC Celta have reached an agreement with Julio Delgado. the promising playmaker of Juvenil A that was supposed to be included in the operation with Atlético Madrid for Borja Bastón. It turns out that he’s currently training at Abegondo, but without playing any official game. The rumour is that he already signed for the club of Vigo and that he’s only waiting to end his link with Depor to join Los Celestes. This should be the reason why he isn’t playing. Delgado is a promising playmaker that played with Spain U17s squad together with Bicho.

On July 28, RCDLC.com presented an article talking of the case with the Leira brothers, Alberto & Jaime, who were close to join FC Barcelona. Both are two promising players from the academy that were tempted by the big clubs. Months later it was confirmed by Lendoiro himself that both youngsters were included in the package negotiated with Atlético for Borja Bastón, just like it happened with Julio Delgado.

Alberto Leira signing his contract with Villarreal

Jaime Leira posing at Villarreal’s training pitch

The big surprise, however, is that at the end of October both players signed for Villarreal CF. Alberto, the older brother, is now playing for Villarreal Juvenil A, and Jaime performs at Villarreal Cadete A. Lendoiro said that the club was going to obtain a benefit and it seems it was like that as there were reports that both clubs reached an agreement –reported by Galicia de Carranza, their previous club- but for the moment the club hasn’t clarified the issue.



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