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14 Nov 2013
Depor’ coach confirmed that Luis will continue to be a starter and at the same time that his decision isn’t a punishment for Borja Bastón, the current Pichichi at the team. He also ruled the exit of Insua during the winter window.

Coach Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Wednesday’s noon during his midweek press conference. He talked to reporters for 23 minutes and explained the state of some injured players, including Laure, who will probably miss Sunday’s game. He also confirmed that Luis Fernández will continue to be a starter and at the same time ruled out the exit of Insua during the winter window. The following are the main issues analyzed by the Galician tactician.

“It isn’t to be worried [his neck injury].We thought that Juan would be able to train during today’s session, but didn’t evolve as we thought. He decided to go out and train, but he is still having issues with the contracture on the neck, so we decided to send him back to the gym. We’ll see if he can train tomorrow. We need to be prudent with these cases.”

“It was a surprise as he [Laure] stretched the leg during an exercise and let’s see what happens. We will see the results of the scans and neither can be optimistic nor pessimistic. It’s possible that he can be a casualty for Sunday if they confirm that it was tearing in the muscle, but will be a short-term problem in any case. Kaka is recovering and it is what it is.”

“I still have doubts for the game. The situation with Luis wasn’t an experiment; sometimes we can end playing with two attackers, not necessarily Borja and Luis, but it can be Borja and Arizmendi for example. Today we tested with Luis, and at the other side we had Borja and Dani [Iglesias]. It’s an experiment, but we already played 4-4-2. It is what we tested today, but since there was one less player then we tested a 3-4-2, because we were missing a centre-back.”

“You always make decisions. I decided to change now and it doesn’t mean that I am dropping Borja, because Luis deserves to be a starter and what Borja needs to do is to improve, to raise his level. Sometimes they will play together, but what I need now is to see them competing. They’re young lads and it’s perfect. Whoever I think is better will end playing, but won’t alternate them one game yes and the other don’t. Evidently there will be continuity within an acceptable performance.  I search for the best for the team. “

“Borja has scored a lot of goals, but I made a complicate decision to him. I hope it won’t be negative, because I search for the good of Borja, the team and also for Luis. They must grow up and improve. Is this a reward to Luis and punishment for Borja? No, it isn’t my intention. It’s time to see Luis growing and Borja needs to improve. I don’t want to punish Borja, because we don’t depend of Borja. We depend of Borja and the other 17 players. There is no punishment for Borja. “

“There are situations in which you have to choose, but this wasn’t a forced choice. This was a choice of the coach, so when I chose for an option it won’t be fair if he only plays one game and then to change again. If I give him a chance it means that that, at least, he will have three or four games.”

“I always thought that we were going to be up at the standings; I never thought other thing, sincerely. Since the first conversation with the players I told them what the goal of the team was. There was no doubt about it. Another thing it’s that it has been hard, but I always thought we can be there. That’s why I decided to stay."

“I wouldn’t rule them out of the race for promotion. The Segunda División seems to be so long that it seems to be endless, so we need to be prudent. But in the end it’s a club with a long squad and at the end, if nothing weird happens, Mallorca and Zaragoza will be fighting at the top, don’t know in which position, but will be there. For now we stopped the run of Recreativo, which is important as they won’t escape.”

“So we are now there, this month should be important as we could see a break up. There are teams thinking of promotion that could start to think of other things as soon as they realize what’s going on. It changes the mentality of the coach and the players.  It changes the plans for the game and also the mentality to face the rest of the season, therefore it’s important for us to be at the top when this break occurs. For now it’s a delight to be there.”

“He brings counterattack and a quick output of the ball, more depth on the wings. I’ve many options and he’s one of them. If I switch Manuel Pablo to the right then will have to delay the position of Luisinho to the left-back position, so it isn’t the same situation. I try to create scoring opportunities with these moves. We always try to defend well in order to have a good attack. Will Seoane continue to play there? You will see it on Sunday.”

“He played because it was a forced situation as Juan Dominguez couldn’t do it; if not he wouldn’t have played but well, he was in a decent level. I always said that he has superior qualities to what he’s offering. He played well in Huelva, but has more to offer than that.”

“I don’t like to analyze the rivals in public, and neither coincide with the idea that we are a team for the counterattack, I don’t agree, because we aren’t a team for the counterattack. If you see the matches at the Riazor you will realize that the rivals don’t have the ball. We are a two-face squad. We behave in a certain way when we are at home and it’s different when we are on the road. It isn’t the problem to have the ball the problem is that we don’t know what to do with it. I am not so sure if Mallorca will try to have the ball on here. It’s not clear to me. I have watched their away games and they don’t want to have the ball.”

“I’m starting to see Núñez, but we have Arizmendi and Rudy too. I have alternatives, but the choice in the last game was Seoane.”

“It was impressive. I lived an incredible year there. I arrived there in October and we had zero points, then we made an impressive season, but it was because we had a great team; there was the promise to sign an extension, but for reasons that I don’t know I couldn’t continue there. Diego Tristán, Leo Franco, Novo, Robles… an important number of great players.”

“Mallorca has a good team and I know they will be in the fight, I believe that something has changed inside the head of Oltra. From being a defined coach now he's more balanced."

“I am not dreaming with those things. If he returns I will be delighted, but right now I am busy trying to improve with this team.  I don’t have information on this.”

“Pablo Insua won’t leave. He will leave someday, but for now we need to fatten him [he laughed] it’s impossible to see someone leaving during the winter window. “

“All the teams that I coached before presented a solid defense. I even had a Zamora at Primera División. I always liked to defend, but people that know me should tell you that I like to see my teams playing well. But if we want to play well then we need to defend well, since that point we need to grow up. Sometimes we dominate; we have the ball possession at the Riazor, but the perception is the problem, because one thing is to have the ball and other to play with it. We’ve the ball but aren’t creating opportunities. We’ll always defend well and I don’t know if we will be able to attack. We need to know ourselves and the coach is here for this.”



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