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15 Nov 2013
The fourth candidate to the elections presented his program on Thursday. Tino Fernández is considered to be the strongest opponent to Lendoiro and presented a plan based in eleven points. For him the key in the near future is an agreement with the Treasury.

Constantino Fernández Pico is the fourth candidate that presents his candidacy to Deportivo’s presidential chair. He’s considered to be the main rival of current president Lendoiro, just to remember that he already gathered the 8% of the club’s capital in order to request for an extraordinary meeting trying to accelerate the election process.

Fernández is 47 and is a successful businessman, president and founder of the technology company Altia based in A Coruña and the fourth highest shareholder of Deportivo. Five persons are joining him in the team work: Enrique Calvete Pérez (treasurer of the A Coruña council), Fernando Vidal Raposo (president of OAR –basketball team), Daniel Ramos Lobón (co-founder of Corunet), Juan José Jaén Rodríguez (founder of Brickoning) and Martín Pita López (Aenor director). All of them with plenty of experience in the world of business. It was also mentioned that former Depor’s player Nando Martinez will be part of the team.

The slogan of the campaign is ”Vamos a ganar este partido!” [We are going to win this game], which is part of the club’s anthem. Tino Fernández presented his candidacy to the public on Thursday’s morning during a press conference that lasted two hours.  His program is based in these eleven points:

1- Agreement with the creditors: The goal is to reach an agreement with all the creditors of the club in order to seal the deal. There will be a detailed plan to guarantee the viability of the club. The dialogue and the negotiation will be the keys to reach agreed solutions with all of them.

2- Board of administration: It will be composed by professionals that won’t perceive any salary and therefore won’t be exclusively dedicated to the job. There will be a strict code of ethics and they will be accessible to all the Deportivismo.

3- Management: The goal is the professionalization of the organizational chart. There will be three defined areas: General Direction, Economical & Organizational area and Marketing.

4- Transparency : The goal is to bring information to the shareholders. All the financial reports, plus audit reports and shareholders meeting informs, will be presented to the shareholders.

5- Participation: The goal is to recover the spirit of the club. There will be an approach to the peñas, the ex-players organization and other social and sporting entities. There will be two committees that will be created. The first is the sports advisory committee and the second the social advisory committee.

6- Communication: The web page of the club will be the base to gather the whole Deportivismo. All the information will be presented in Spanish and Galician, also in the languages in which the club is aspiring to obtain benefits. The goal is to have a bidirectional communication with the fans.

7- Marketing: One of the main challenges is to increase the club’s incomes, for this reason the club will expand the global markets. The goal is to reinforce the brand “Depor” through benchmarking. The club would sign agreements with other brands in order to offer several benefits to the socios.

8- E-commerce: Internet will be the mall where it will be possible to buy everything related to Depor. The candidacy is promising to develop the best e-commerce project in the world of football.

9- Professional football: The main goal is the results. The organizational chart will be revised and the priority will be the lads at the academy. Deportivo will be a showcase for young players with a big projection in their careers. The candidacy will also provide funds to the Sporting Direction and there will be proactivity at the moment of searching for new players.

10- The academy: The goal is to prepare players for the first team. The professionalization of the chart will be incentivized. There will be more resources to get the best talent. There will be a redefinition of the current model and there will be a plan that will include athletic scholarships, agreements with educational institutions of the city, classrooms in Abegondo and teachers boosters. The project will be named “Depor Educador”. The candidacy is also promising to create a female team.

11- Relations as source of incomes: The relations will be the base of the incomes, because without relations there’s no money and without money there’s no team. The idea is to be a friendly club, because money doesn’t like fights.

Tino Fernández during the presentation

Tino Fernández and his team work

During the press conference Tino Fernández explained that he made the decision of becoming a candidate as he didn’t agree with Lendoiro in the way the current crisis has been handled, “Lendoiro told me that he doesn’t want to make changes, just little adjustments. It seems that his clock has been stopped.”

In any case he still respecting the current president of Deportivo, “Augusto is at the honor roll of Deportivo, nobody will be able to delete him from there and it isn’t my intention, but we come to talk about the future. We don’t come to make reviews, but the current model is showing signs of exhaustion for years. We cannot apply the same recipe to get out of the mess after those same recipes put us inside the hole."

Regarding the agreement to pay the debt, he thinks the key is to negotiate with the Treasury while he criticized the way Lendoiro managed the case, "Deportivo is in administration because of the embargo made by the Treasury. How many times has Lendoiro met with the Treasury on this year? I think that none. It is a misconception that the Deportivismo will take over the Treasury on the last day. This situation can only be fixed negotiating. We owe one hundred million euros. That debt has been earned with our failure. You cannot be a great manager if you take the VAT and say I will spend it on something else. That is closer to being a thief rather to be a great manager.  The key is to make peace with the Treasury. “

“The current situation is complicated, but worse is our relations. The relations condition the economic situation and the economic the sporting sense. Today we have closed roads in an economic sense and it is because the relations have been deteriorated and we neither see the will to change it. Deportivo must be at the centre of the relations, it isn’t a boxer and it cannot be a motive of fights, but of union..” He added regarding the issue.

He also said that, "Ahead of the largest administration case in Spanish football, Deportivo commit two sins, the first is trying to avoid a sanction at the cost of the club’s viability and the second is to not look for an understanding with the creditors, especially with the main one. It’s the key and I ask Lendoiro to get us out of this mess. We cannot afford another July 31. We cannot keep the Deportivismo drugged. To tense the rope with the Treasury will lead us to the embargo. "

There was also an interesting comment regarding the elections, “We are in a process that doesn’t exist. Nobody can certify that the elections are open and it seems the interest of Lendoiro is to have them in June, so we can be wasting our time as we can be speaking of six or eight months. We will try that it won’t take so long. We do it convinced that to delay the process means a bad business for Deportivo, because the Deportivismo want to talk of Juan Dominguez and Fernando Vázquez and not of this. This is boring.”

Fernández sent a last message to Lendoiro, “Lendoiro has been telling for months that he’s leaving. The last time I spoke to him he told me that he was going to win. And what happened with that phrase of leaving at the best moment? Sincerely I believe he isn’t thinking of it. Our goal isn’t that Lendoiro won’t be the president, but to see us as the president.” Finally, the businessman said that he wants great things for Depor, “I come here not be at Segunda División, we came here to compete at Primera and upper. I want to return to The Champions League.”

It has been speculated that Tino Fernández already made approaches in order to make signings during the winter window, but the candidate didn’t make comments on the issue during the presentation. He’s the fourth candidate that presents his program after Paco Zas, Germán Conchado and Manuel López Cascallar. Now the only one that still has to offer a press conference is Lendoiro.



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