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16 Nov 2013
Striker Luis Fernández is happy as he’s now a starter for Fernando Vázquez; he assured that it is a factor that brings confidence. He’s also positive about the fact of playing with two strikers at the starting eleven.

Luis Fernández offered a press conference on Friday; the striker showed his happiness as two days before the coach assured that he will continue to be a starter, “I am content and will continue working in order to see the coach trusting in me. He’s giving me the chance and I’ll try to seize it. I work in order to have a chance and will try to score goals, but the important thing is to get the three points facing a dangerous team, so we can offer the victory to the fans.”

“To play as a starter means more opportunities to show your football, you don’t go out when the rival’s defense is bottled at the back and the team isn’t different to the one that began the game. I am really happy for been able to play since the beginning. You are more confident when the coach assures that you will play. The true is that I’m grateful. This is my chance and will try to seize it” He added.

The Burela-born attacker confessed that it was a total surprise to be a starter in the previous game against Recreativo, “Last week we arrived to Huelva and I was totally relaxed, because I thought that I wasn’t going to play, then the coach said that I was going to take part of the starting eleven and I was surprised, so he told me that I should be confident and tranquil; we won and I hope we can confirm our position with a victory at home.”

However he might end as a starter joining Borja Bastón in attack; this after Fernando Vázquez tested a formation with two strikers. About the issue he commented that, “I like to play with two strikers, because you have more freedom at the moment of collecting the ball, one of the strikers can attract the mark of the centre-backs and the other can have the chance to score, but it’s a decision of the coach and won’t talk about it. His decision will be the best one for the team.”

About his team mate in attack, the ex-Fabril said that, “Borja is very competitive, a great player that already scored five goals, it’s our top-scorer, and I don’t think you can say bad things about him. Clearly you depend of the other players as you need to collect the ball from your partners, but he’s a great striker.”

Asked about the upcoming clash against RCD Mallorca, Luis thinks that Depor must forget the last win in Huelva, “Mallorca is a strong team; they will be at the top for sure, but well… we are second and are coming after defeating Recreativo at their home, place where they were undefeated. Now we need to reinforce our position with three points at home. So, it’s useless now what we have done before in Huelva.”

For him Depor are the runners-up in liga thanks to their defensive work, “The team is there, because we are doing things well. We are defending well and later are trying to seize the opportunities to score a goal. Things are fine to us and I believe we will improve in attack. The coach is doing a great job and we’re content being at the second place, always knowing we can improve our game.”

He was also remembering the serious knee injury suffered two years ago, “I am professional now and it was what I wanted. After the injury that I suffered, the true is that I wasn’t expecting this immersion at the first squad. The true is that the hard work of the physiotherapists is bringing a positive result. I must thank Devesa and David [Sánchez, Fabril´s second coach] for their hard work on last season, because without them I wouldn’t be here.”

The striker is also aware of the differences between competing with Fabril and the first team, “Clearly Tercera División isn’t the same than Segunda, but the potential is there and I must rely more in my possibilities at the moment of facing the centre-back. I believe thing will work out having confidence.”

Finally, Luis talked of Mallorca, the rival for Sunday’s game, “Mallorca is a great team; they have great players and is practically the same squad of last season. They are allowing goals in all the games and let’s see what will happen in this game.”



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