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20 Nov 2013
Deportivo’s president offered a press conference on Tuesday’s evening. He presented a comparison between his plan to pay the debt and the one of the Treasury. He was also saying that Depor must clinch the promotion now in order to make things easier.

Not too many novelties from the press conference of president Augusto César Lendoiro; perhaps the biggest one is that the club is already negotiating with the Spanish Treasury, a big novelty considering the trapped negotiations within the past months, something important considering it is  the biggest creditor of the club.

The centre of his press conference was to discuss the differences between the plan of the Treasury and the plan of the club to pay the debt. So far these are the only two plans presented in the administration process of the club –the deadline to present a plan is at the end of the month, then the voting will take place on January 10-

He presented a comparison between the payments to be made in both plans, the report emphasizes the almost ten million Euros in interests to be pay with the plan of the Treasury, while the plan of Depor has zero interests. Besides, it minimizes the importance of the forgiven debt, because according to the club it is necessary to pay taxes for this amount, so to forgive only the 50% of the privileged debt (plan of the AEAT) isn’t too different to only pay the 33% (plan of the club)

In the end the club has calculated that its plans means to pay €126 million, while the proposition of the AEAT, despite having a bigger percentage in the forgiven debt, raises the payments to €131 million. He also justified his plan arguing that to fix a 20% of the incomes to pay the debt will assure the survival of the club no matter the league where it plays.

Lendoiro also talked of other subjects, from saying that the elections won’t take place before January 10 to confirm the problems with RC Celta for some Depor’s academy players. Depor’s boss also affirmed that the club needs to clinch the promotion now in order to have better chances in the financial aspect. The following is the translation of the main things said by the president:

“We can only be worried for two things at Deportivo: to sign an agreement and clinch the promotion. Both are the important thing. The first will allow the continuity of the club, and then the promotion will reinforce the financial situation of the club.”

“The plan of the Treasury is not feasible, because within the first five years we would have to pay more than 48 million compared to our plan. It would lead us to, being at Primera having a budget of 35 million, pay to the Treasury between 10 and 16 million, so it’s impossible to survive with these numbers. We want to send this message to the Treasury and to all the parties involved, including the candidates. No matter what, it’s not feasible no matter who is in. It’s not feasible.”

“The forgiveness of the debt must calculate a tax, so it isn’t too big as some people think. We are talking of nine million Euros. We need to cut the third part of the forgiven debt, because we need to give back the money to the Treasury. Another important thing are the interests, the plan of the Treasury means ten more million euros for this issue, while the plan of the club doesn’t contemplate interests and is much longer. So, this plan is not feasible and all the creditors need to be aware of it. Our plan is feasible and it’s coming out from the 20% of the incomes for each season. If we are at Primera the budget is bigger in 7 million as the budget would be around the 35 million. It is good because it allows us to have enough money to face the players’ wages and other things that we need to pay in order to continue working.”

“For us to surpass the 20% of the incomes, something already warned by the administrators, is too risky. We need to offer this and get the approval of the judge. We need agreements with the Treasury and what the creditors must collect must be according to what the club needs in order to survive at Primera or Segunda División. We want to reach agreement, but only if we can fulfill them. It’s useless to reach an agreement if in one year we would be unable to fulfill it.”

"We already had some meetings with the Treasury; some of them with me and others with the lawyers. The progress regarding the privileged debt has been made with the banks and apparently with the non-ordinary creditors.”

“We want the support of the Treasury; we only need a plan that can be fulfilled. Beyond the frontier it’s impossible, just look to what’s happening to Racing Santander. We need to reach an agreement with the Treasury, but with fixed numbers.”

The budget at Segunda would be 15 million, and it’s difficult to reach as it’s thanks to the assurance for the relegation. It’s easier to have a budget of 35 million at Primera than one of 15 million at Segunda. This is the year for the promotion, because it’s the easiest way to distribute money between the creditors.”

“The solution with the banks? It’s on its way. Solution with the Treasury? We need to talk and debate about several issues. The agreement with the AFE and the LFP is practically allowing us to have an agreement with the ordinary creditors.”

We aren’t asking for something extraordinary. Celta had a lower debt and they were giving more time to pay the debt. We want to use the 20% of the incomes to pay the debt. Too much? Not if we are at Primera, but we need money to have a proper squad, to maintain the Riazor. People are getting nervous on here, but Rayo [Vallecano] already spent three years in administration. The life of Deportivo depends of these agreements, not Lendoiro’s life. It seems no one wants to negotiate with Lendoiro, because he defends the life of Deportivo.”

“It’s impossible to make elections before January 10. I can only tell you that the shareholders meeting will take place between December 20 & 21.” [The club already released a statement calling for the meeting]

[A journalist asked if he’s a candidate] "Off course!  Too see so many candidates presenting themselves to the elections are a good sign; it means the club is alive. The other candidates say that my plan isn’t feasible; I say that we are feasible even at Segunda.”

"No one is leaving during the winter window. No, no and no!”

"The relationship with Celta isn’t good. We are pending to send a letter to Mouriño. They’ve been touching and stealing our players; you cannot touch our youngsters, they are our future and food. Since August we are pending to have a meeting with them.”

“We have the chance to get 400 tickets at 20 Euros and other 400 at 30 Euros, this for our future visit to Lugo.”



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