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20 Nov 2013
The sweet moment of Deportivo on the football pitch is a contradiction of what’s going on in the outside; last Friday there was a fight between a former club’s employee and the president of the peñas that later provoked a conflict between Lendoiro and the press.

Tense situation at Deportivo, but not for what’s going on during the Segunda season -which actually is good and relieving- but for what’s surrounding the club with the current financial problems and the upcoming elections. Last Friday there was a fight outside the Playa Club and the incident is marking the present of the club.

There were two versions of what happened, but the clear thing is that there was a discussion between Miguel Otero Santin, the president of Deportivo’s peñas federation, and José Luis Díaz Baltar, a former employee of the club who was the responsible for the Playa Club.  Otero and the Federation always maintained a good relation with the club, but lately he has been criticizing president Augusto César Lendoiro, something that already caused some frictions between both persons and even with other peñas.

Initially papers La Voz de Galicia and Deporte Campeón reported that Díaz Baltar was the one that assaulted Miguel Otero outside the Playa Club calling him “traitor” and that the president of the peñas suffered some minor injuries. It was also reported that both men were separated by José Manuel Cotelo, owner of a bar in the same sector. The papers also reported that Lendoiro was at the Playa Club at the moment of the incident.

The next chapter was lived on Sunday; after the game against RCD Mallorca, Depor’s president was upset with the media for reporting only one side of the story and assured that Díaz Baltar was also assaulted during the incident; Depor’s boss also clarified that he wasn’t at the Playa Club at the moment of the fight. He asked reporters to be more careful with what they inform to the public.

On Monday, the club released the police report of the incident. The report states that Díaz Baltar was also assaulted and that the police agents saw that he was bleeding from the ear, asked about it Baltar told the police that José Manuel Cotelo, who supposedly had separated both men, was actually who attacked the former Depor’s employee.

The police report didn’t clarify what exactly happened, but clearly there was a fight between two persons and a third actor that caused minor injuries to the first two. The story continued on Monday’s morning as the Press Association of A Coruña, which is influenced by La Voz de Galicia, released an statement in which they criticized Lendoiro for his words against the journalists after Sunday’s game.

The club responded denying the accusations and publishing the exact words of Lendoiro: ”If someone is not muddying the field it is us. We haven’t said a single word against anything or anyone among the candidates. And if unfortunately the media is deliberately muddying the field they will be the ones to blame for anything that may happen. Because we don’t forget eh? We all go outside. And the things you have been saying for example of the President, Augusto César Lendoiro, and also of the board of directors, and for the circumstances of the family and friends, we all suffer the consequences it in the street. So here when it comes to the truth, and the shoe is pinching, they want to have a police response infinitely beyond the one we the mortals can have. And that's what you have to realize. Every time you speak, every time you write and every time you give a cut on TV, you are provoking people to do things that in many cases can be terribly dangerous to the physical integrity of individuals.”

The reader might think this is just another chapter in the long fight between the club and La Voz de Galicia, and surely it is, but it’s also true that this incident reflects the tense situation lived at the club since July. Perhaps it was a “minor thing”, but it should be interpreted as a warning ahead of the upcoming elections and the important negotiations with the creditors as part of the administration process.



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