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21 Nov 2013
Depor’s coach listed the physical problems of his players; Núñez will be out for a month and Kaká will return until next week. He hopes to defeat SD Ponferradina and isn’t thinking of becoming the leader of Segunda División.

Coach Fernando Vázquez offered his mid-week press conference. He talked to reporters for thirteen minutes and analyzed the physical situation of some players. He confirmed that Kaká won’t be available for the weekend and that Antonio Núñez will be off for at least three weeks. The Galician coach also stated that Álvaro Lemos should be fit to play in March. Deportivo are living a good moment in liga, but el Profesor isn’t obsessed in becoming the leader at Segunda División. The following are the main issues explained by the coach:

“Manuel Pablo was in bad conditions; I think it was a cold, but it’s nothing, surely tomorrow he will be training with us.”

“We will give one more week to Kaká. I hope that next week he will begin to train.”

“He had an issue in the ligament of the knee [the ball hit his knee during the training], but it doesn’t look serious. In the beginning he will train tomorrow, but we’ll wait as the ligaments are always a complicate issue. Anyhow I believe it was nothing.”

“It’s hard for him; you already know the conditions in which he arrived. It’s really painful for Antonio. He will be off for at least three weeks, maybe one month. He was just reaching the conditions to help us and suddenly he’s falling, but well… it’s sad and I feel sorry for him. Let’s see what happens. His future will depend of what we can get; if the situation remains the same the normal thing is to see him staying.”

If there are chances to make signings then we’ll have to valorize the situation, if the situation of the club remains the same he would stay. In the beginning it’s all open. I don’t know what can happen. Nothing has been decided, so we’ll wait. I feel sad for him. I believe he has more chances of staying that of leaving, but don’t know the exact percentages. I am content with his attitude, there’s not a problem in this sense. But we haven’t seen his performance, sincerely. It’s his second injury and we’ll have to talk to the doctors in order to predict what can happen, but I am optimistic about his continuity. I would love to see him continuing, as long as it’s possible.”

“He will be ready in March. The normal thing would be to have him available for March. A lot still ahead. Álvaro is a positive guy and is evolving beyond the expectations; he’s young and is powerful, but he can be stopped at any moment, we must remember that. Making calculations by February the normal thing would be to have him training with us, and in March he could be fit to play. It won’t be a factor influencing in the signings.”

It’s a complicate team, it’s tough and it’s hard to play at that field. We will face many problems but I think this is a stadium in which we should win. I believe we have clear options of winning. If you ask Claudio [Barragán] surely he will say the same. It will be an interesting fight. Playing outside home we are a reliable team, mainly for the problems we give to the rivals in order to defeat us.”

“They aren’t pressed after losing the last game; I know how Ponferradina will play. They have a style that their fans like. Yuri, Fofo… Juande… they have a pretty team with the personality of Claudio, so we need to be careful.”

“Many fans are traveling for the game. They always complain that’s expensive to go out there, so it’s hard and it is what it is. We want to thank the fans for their behavior and there’s always a large number of fans no matter where we play.”

“The goal is to end first or second. I don’t care about the championship; I would sign to continue at the second place until the end. We will go game by game and if we are the leaders then we are the leaders. If we are second then we will remain content. We aren’t obsessed with the leadership.”

“I have the calendar written at the changing room, at least the first round and from time to time I check it. To look beyond it makes things to be heavier, so I only look the next game; thus it looks simpler and easier. Why to complicate your life? We need to be focused of what lies next.”

“I believe we still can grow up, because we remain too low at the moment of damaging and attacking the rival. In defense we aren’t below anyone, but in offense yes. We have a large room for the improvement and I believe we’ll be better.”

“Let’s pray we could end making signings in December. It is clear. I am always ready for it.”



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