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21 Nov 2013
Deportivo B arenít matching the expectations for the present season; beyond missing the promotion seats the problem is that the youngsters arenít showing a good performance, just when the club is trying to rely more on the base.

Negative year for Fabril, just when it was expected the most from the B squad of Deportivo. The promotion of three strong teams to Segunda B left the Galician club of Tercera Divisiůn with only three ďsolidĒ candidates in the league: Depor B, Pontevedra CF and CCD Cerceda. It turns out that only the latter is fulfilling the expectations as they are currently second at the standings.

Last Sunday, Depor B played another grey game and lost visiting SD ”rdes (0-2), it was the second straight defeat as one week before the team coached by Josť Luis Devesa lost at Abegondo against SD Negreira (0-2) -the first home loss of the season- It also meant the second time in 2013 that the team loses two straight games in this league.

After been the leader at matchday 02, now Deportivo B are ninth at the standings having 20 points, six under the promotion zone and already eleven points behind surprising leader CD Boiro. Itís the worst start at Tercera since the season 2004/05, moment when the team only had 14 points after the first 14 matchdays.

Beyond the poor results the problem is that, taking in mind the financial problems of Deportivo, the club was relying in the performance of the youngsters in order to reinforce the first squad. Just to remember that eleven players from Fabril performed with the first team during the pre-season, and the major part of them have returned to the B squad to compete during the Tercera campaign. It is a worrying situation as any fan can end asking: how will a kid yield at Segunda if he isnít matching the expectations at Tercera?

Devesa was trying to explain whatís going on during an interview with website A Xogada, "I'm worried about it. This is very long and the team is going slowly. We cannot forget that the squad was configured in a 'war economy', i.e. we enter into the budget of the first team and thatís bounded by the LFP. We must work with what we have to get the bigger number of players and, at the same time, compete as high as possible. Now the squad is feeling affected by the results, but the players need to be aware of their virtues and defects and, from there, to be disciplined, to learn, to persevere and improve. "

Even former coach Tito Ramallo talked about it at TVG (Galician Television), ďI believe it is the circumstances. I believe that Fabril is living a year of renewals. Last year they had an important squad, which was coming from a previous year that was hard worked. Now the cycle has ended and they need time. These are young players and need time.Ē

In the end itís possible to identify three factors that can help to explain this poor performance:

1- The rotations at Fabril: As Tito Ramallo stated, the cycle of last seasonís Fabrilís ended with the promotion of Pablo Insua, Luis FernŠndez, the absence of Ńlvaro Lemos, plus the exit of players like Jorge Cano. Besides, a large number of important players, like Bicho, CaŮi and Paulo Teles have been training with the first team since the pre-season, something that forced Devesa to train with Juvenil A players during big part of the last five months. So, the team hasnít digested yet all these movements.

2- The coachesí decisions: Devesa had had personal problems that forced him to miss three games, so he hasnít been paying attention to fix the problems. Also, he and David SŠnchez already begun to make weird experiments like placing winger ”scar GarcŪa as a full-back and playmaker Remeseiro as a false nine. These moves need time to settle. Another controversial decision is to constantly sidelined Iago Beceiro, the striker has only played 107 minutes despite leaving a positive impression; truly he had some physical problems before, but inexplicably in many occasions he hasnít been picked for the games.

3- Many players arenít matching the expectations: More was expected for Fabril on this season and there are many players that simply arenít given their best, starting with keeper David Gůmez, who already starred several mistakes. The offensive power should be relying on Romay, Bicho and Dani Iglesias, but they arenít carrying with the weight of the team.



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